19 June 2012


That's the day after Drifter won his first Regional Grand Prix and started on the track to the "big time". It's also the day Seri was born! As usual, I wasn't looking for a puppy when I decided to get Seri - she is only 18 months younger than Kiba. But I stumbled across the breeding plans and couldn't say no.

Seri started out a very normal border collie. She has a nice temperament, sweet and enthusiastically friendly. She ran her first trial at a USDAA Tournament only trial at 18 months old. She did quite well, although I had forgotten to train the chute, oops!

That first year, as we trialed a few more times, Seri's extreme love of agility began to show. She started to scream on course. She started to GO GO GO and not always pay attention to me. She freaking loves the game though, can't fault her for that.

Seri had trouble getting out of the Novice/Starters and subsequently the Open and Advanced levels. It was usually just one thing; she had trouble keeping bars up. She would fly off the see-saw. But sometimes she would just GO GO GO and after a few repeats of her just picking an obstacle and going, I would have to walk her off. She's not an easily upset dog though, so this didn't really bother her very much.

When she was going on 4, she injured her wrist. I don't know exactly what she did, it was during a regular training session. But the PT tells me it was hyperextended and twisted at the same time. This injury took 4 months to heal, and at the end of that time I had her spayed due to the fear of health issues popping up her in her family tree. But as she's gotten older and the "crazy" hasn't really settled down, I don't regret spaying her. I love her and she's a great dog, but she will never reach the upper eschelon of agility. She is just too excitable.

Seri came back from the injured wrist and ran pretty well for about 6 months before her shoulder was jammed. We fixed it, and it jammed again. Then it started to subluxate. I gave her a few months off, then trialed her again. This time she threw her pelvis and sacrum out rather spectacularly. I gave her another break, and before I could even trial her she did it again. Since last July she has only run 3 runs in a trial. She finished her AAD title in USDAA this spring and I'm very pleased with that, it feels like a huge accomplishment! She also has her AX and AXJ, so she is in the top level of every organization, but she will never have her ADCH or MACH.  She did attend USDAA nationals twice, and even placed in a few classes in 2010, but she still had these "moments" where her brain just goes WEEEEEE! . . .

I do still train Seri once a week or so, on short sequences usually. I take her to seminars and use her for a demo dog sometimes. But I have to be very careful with her or she will hurt her shoulder, wrist, or in the process of guarding those she will throw her rear end out. And she is not a cautious dog. She is reckless to the extreme, and this aggravates everything.

Luckily she's a great house dog (when I'm home!) and gets along great with all my other dogs. So she's here to stay, even if she'll never be famous or a Finalist or a World Champion. My crazy girl is 6 years old today!

ETA: wanted to add that she was the cutest stinking puppy ever, although she was also NAUGHTY...

One of her favorite puppy games was tugging on the couch cover. 

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corbinwooten said...

Happy birthday, Seri!