12 May 2012

An unusual thing happened today. Kiba got bathed! And her foot hair trimmed. And her toenails clipped (well, that part isn't unusual). And she got brushed! I'm sure that's not unusual for many dogs, but for a smooth-coated border collie owned by myself, it is VERY unusual. She didn't really understand all the primping and preening going on, but she is a really good sport and withstood everything without complaining. Now she smells nice, and is so sparkly in the sun that she made me think of Edward Cullen out on our walk! (I laughed at myself for thinking that one!)

I think I have every single thing packed now, except for my hairbrush which will go in tomorrow morning. I leave mid-day tomorrow. It's a 2.5 hour drive up to the airport, then once we get on the plane it's 8.5 hours to Brussels. We are staying in Brussels the first night and doing a bit of sight-seeing - at least the easy stuff that we can walk to from our fancy hotel. Tuesday we'll head over to the hotel near the site and meet up with the rest of the Team as they arrive. Wed is our first practice!

Drifter during closing ceremonies on a "time out" because he was so excited by everything

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LitlBigDog said...

Good luck!! Have a great time!!