10 May 2012


Here's video of Trig, I am very happy with how we did - if she was just a wee bit faster I think we could have been in true contention, as I feel like our handling was rock solid (aside from the minor weave issues...)

And now after our 6 month adventure, Trig goes back to running with her true mother (my mother as well!) - she will have to work her contacts a bit, and Trig will have to adapt to a handler who is not ahead of her and/or in her face constantly, but I think she'll be fine.

And my focus now shifts to Kiba for WAO, and once I get back it also shifts to Strafe. I am really eager to get his career going. He will be going on a strict conditioning and training schedule so that we can qualify for AKC Nationals. I am strongly considering skipping USDAA Nationals in Denver this fall so that I can instead put the money i would have spent on that trip towards more AKC trials and possibly training (seminars?) as well. I really enjoyed the 2 seminars I've attended this year and would like to possibly go back out to Linda's again with Strafe as my primary dog this time. I enjoy running difficult courses that *someone else* makes up, since when I make them for myself, I am sure I unintentionally tend to focus on similar challenges over and over. Strafe also needs to learn to apply his skills around other dogs, in exciting environments, on varied footing....

Yesterday I got Kiba's paperwork stamped for Belgium. Can't believe how fast this trip is coming up - probably due to being so freaking busy through all of April and May. I have pretty much everything in order, and I'm almost packed as well. It's about an 8.5 hour flight to Brussels from Newark, and just a little over 7 hours return, so not too bad really. Similar to the flight to London or Copenhagen. Our schedules and procedures for WAO are coming out and reading through those is getting me excited.

Sadly, several individual countries' kennel clubs are banning competitors from participating again this year. Which is really just ridiculous - the reasoning being that WAO is not held under FCI regulations. Why that matters, I have no idea. It doesn't conflict with any major FCI events, and WAO does not even pretend to be replacing FCI championships. It is a different event, not affiliated with any agility clubs whatsoever - it is truly an OPEN event, and it's just ridiculous that kennel clubs would ban competitors from running (or even volunteering to help!) I don't doubt that eventually this behavior will stop, as it has in the USA and Canada. Clearly, FCI does not ban competitors who participate at WAO or even IFCS (which is an actual competing organization!) since quite a few dogs have run at all 3 of these events with no consequences.

Anyway, the WAO was a great fun event last year, with a fairly high level of competition, and I look forward to an even bigger, more fun event this year!

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