28 May 2012

TBAC + One Decision Made

Strafe was pretty good at TBAC, despite only coming away with one Q. To be fair, the last 2-3 months haven't really been focused on him; he's gotten only short, basic training sessions, and while he's going on walks with me, he isn't really what I'd call "super fit".

The first run he knocked 2 bars, and I did slow down (right before the weaves, in the first run on the video) and tell him off a little for that. The 2nd run I did not get on video, as I was the very last dog to run in Excellent, and he got a lovely Standard Q, so he only needs one more for his AX. Yay!
Sunday he made a couple minor mistakes, 2 of them with the weaves, so that is a project I'll be working on over the next month. Here's our 3 NQ runs from the weekend:

And the decision - I have decided not to attend USDAA Nationals (Cynosport) in September in Denver. I do feel a desire to go, but weighing that against the time and expense involved, I just cannot justify the trip. Especially with the weather and footing being an uneven factor. I will take this year "off" and focus on getting Strafe and Kiba qualified for AKC Nationals and Tryouts. I'm even going to take a shot at teaching Kiba to stand shorter. She will be 8 this fall, perhaps I can teach her to be shorter and run in FCI Medium! Worth a shot anyway...  gives me something to train indoors when it's hot outside.

This will give me the ability to put extra money aside towards WAO or EO next year, instead of worrying about paying for Denver, Tulsa, Minnesota, AND a european trip... cutting one out helps! I will focus on teaching people and training my dogs. Perhaps even finish unpacking from the move 15 months ago!

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