29 May 2012


Disgusting weather today. Hot, humid, sunny. around 90F. I woke up at 6am (without an alarm, apparently this is my new wake up time since returning from Belgium) and walked the dogs, but it was not "cool" - it was already like 75F out and no dew, no sharp morning feel to the air. The dogs only lasted about 15minutes (we walk off leash but they don't run much).

Strafe is also spending about 5min each morning working on his weaves. I want more forward drive and independence, so we are doing a short "drive harder!" program with him. I don't have channel weaves, so I used 6 sets of 2by2's to make one. I opened it about 2 or 3" down the center line, and sent him to a toy tossed out 20 or 30 feet past the end. He got the idea right away - weave faster for a toy! I'm trying to improve his footwork a bit, he is consistent with a two-foot hop but he is almost too big for that style, he really needs to push harder and single-step with his front end, at least sometimes. But more than that, he just needs to drive to the end and not be distracted by whatever I'm doing. He has very reliable entries but he is a little too focused on me while he's weaving down the line. He's my first 2-by-2 trained dog that I felt needed a little more forward-focus work, but then he's really my first dog to need more of that, period! I don't mind. it's a good problem to have, asking for more "forward" instead of asking for "tighter" all the time. The boy came with "tight" and "decelerate" already pre-installed.

I'm waiting to teach class today. Supposed to start at 6pm. It is still hot, and there are thunderstorms headed our way. half the class has said they aren't coming due to various reasons but we've had to cancel so much for weather that i don't want to do so if I don't have to. So we're hoping to beat the storms....

Also, sometimes when I'm stuck inside now I get the itch to write. So I've tentatively starting a book. Yep, a fiction book. Like a creative writing project fantasy type book. No, you can't read any of it. I've got 12 pages of story so far, plus a similar number of "about the world/people" pages, and even a map. We'll see how long it takes for my ADD to kick in and me to drop this project too.

Maybe I should write a dog book?

Just now the TV started telling us that people in eastern Pennsylvania should stay inside away from windows because of the storm.... I'm in Maryland. Guess that's OK then...

Today, I miss snow.

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