23 May 2012

Decisions to make

Some big decisions are bouncing around in my brain about what events I want to attend (or attempt to) in the next year or so. I had to make the unfortunately decision not to attend EO this year due to financial concerns, and it turned out to be a good decision because for the first time, the USA had too many Large dogs apply and had to select dogs, and with Strafe being so young, he probably would not have been selected anyway, so I did not have the stress of worrying if I would be chosen.

First decision - USDAA Nationals in Denver at the end of September. I haven't missed a USDAA National event since it was in California in 2001. I really like this event, the Finals are always exciting and the difficulty of the Team classes is always exciting. However. This is a long event, probably 5 to 6 days long, which means a lot of hotel (or rental house) nights, a long car rental, a lot of food eaten, and of course travel costs for me and the dogs. Added to all that, it is outside. Yes, a large national event is outside in Denver. I do understand that snow is highly unlikely, but even in "good" weather, it will be colder in the morning, warmer in the afternoon, with changing levels of moisture in the footing and changing angles of sunlight. It might rain. It might rain only for the afternoon and not in the morning. Did I mention it's also pretty far away?. . . .

Whereas, if I stay home, I may be able to coordinate a fun weekend of running WAO Tryout courses with some former members/coaching staff.... and that sounds fun. And cheap.

Second decision - WAO 2013. I had thought originally that this might be Kiba's only year going, but she handled the jump height really well both mentally and physically, and as of right now, I'd be pretty comfortable with taking her again. Adding to that my anger about going off course and not getting a chance to do well in Individual Pentathlon overall.... however there will be a management change for next year, so I have to wait and see how that shakes out, and if selection criteria change, what the new jump heights/cutoffs will be (if there is a change?)

Third decision - EO 2013. Right now I am thinking that if I do want to apply for WAO, that I will wait and see how that goes before applying for EO. The EO is planned to be at the same site we were just at for WAO this year, which was a nice site. However, it was warm and humid on Sunday - in May! So I am imagining that end of July will be quite hot in that area, which makes me think WAO 2013 in northern Spain may be more comfortable. Also, once again, Strafe will be pretty young with little experience to his name when I apply, especially if I don't go to USDAA in Denver....

anyway, that's what I'm pondering today while I finish mentally resting from my trip. This weekend Strafe is running in a local AKC trial to work on finishing up some Exc A titles.

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