30 May 2012

come take a walk with us!

I took a bunch of gratuitous pictures of my dogs today. If you like that sort of thing, you will enjoy this post!

We're going for a walk in the field because it's still cloudy and not too unbearably hot yet.
First we go out through the "dog yard", which is actually probably in the nature of 3 acres all by itself. Ryze trots around and eyes me to see whether I'm going to take them out or not. He usually tries to walk under my feet and I've been trying to teach him not to, so I get the hairy eyeball instead.

Our "dog yard", fully fenced. 

He does have a nice trot!

Seri wonders if this is a potty break or if we're really going for a walk. "Hurry up lady!"

We head to the back gate. Drifter, as usual, slowly circles around and does his own thing, waiting for me to get to the gate.

While Strafe likes to pose heroically.

Drifter has realized I'm going towards the gate, and watches attentively.

We're out the gate and entering our large field, it's probably about 8 acres total.
Notice sheltie butt lagging behind trying to get under my feet again. . .
Barking at me because I shooed him away from my feet ;)
Good mover!

I was glad to finally get some pictures showing off Ryze's nice little trot.

More trotting dogs. (Drifter and Seri)
How about some smiling dogs now?

Drifter is getting quite grey! He turns 10 in September, hard to believe!

Strafe, not grey, will turn 2 in September. Hard to believe he's so young!
Once he's disengaged from my feet, Ryze often follows Seri around. She's a great sport about it and pretty much ignores him.

 Drifter rolls a lot when he is happy. I found this picture amusing.

Kiba generally eluded my attempts to get cute photos of her running, as she is usually out in front of everyone or sticking her head in the bushes somewhere.

Leaving the field. A bookend photo to entering the field, except I have managed to convince Ryze to move with the pack instead of sticking to my feet! Success!
5 black and tricolor butts.

Come on lady, open the gate already!!
We came back in through the front gate, not the back one. It's cute how they all collect on the stairs waiting for me to open it.

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