22 May 2012

Belgium in Pictures - Day 2

We were so exhausted Monday night from the time change and several miles of walking that I actually slept pretty well and woke up feeling pretty good. After feeding and walking the dogs, we ate breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and walked over to the Parc du Cinquantenaire (boy I didn't realize there was so much French in Brussels!). What a beautiful Park it is! It has a couple museums and a gorgeous archway. We didn't get a chance to walk up and inspect anything because there was rain coming in.

Kiba posing with her new friend Tiki. They got along GREAT!

For perspective, this is the entire monument from above, zoomed out!
This is a museum of some kind. Really cool looking!

Fancy park bench

A fun picture of dogs on a fancy park bench!
This thing was massive and was visible from several blocks away. (note the buses below it)

See the clouds coming in? It started raining soon after this.
Since we didn't want to get caught in the rain a mile from the car, we headed back. It was already late morning, so we jumped in the car and drove the hour over to the hotel in As (yes, that was the town name!).  Driving in Belgium was definitely easier than driving in England, despite the different language. Wider roads, less roundabouts.

What a lovely hotel! Beautiful garden, fancy restaurant, and connected to beautiful hiking trails (that led to a playground, no less!). We checked in and unloaded the car.

View from our hotel window. Parking area for the hotel is on the right.

Very large bathroom, with 2 sinks!

We had 2 twin beds, this side was mine. Base camp for 6 nights! Note Kiba's ultra comfy bed that folds in half and zips - it was my carry on luggage ;)

Tiki was tired too after all the travel and walking!
That's it for the pictures. When I get videos I will post them but it will probably be a couple weeks.

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