09 May 2012

As the dog food recalls continue expanding, all I can say is that I'm glad that when I do feed kibble, I feed only kibble that I researched extensively, and is produced in their own factory from US- sourced ingredients.... And though my dogs have generally been eating locally-made raw food, these past 2 months have been so ridiculously busy that they've mostly eaten kibble, especially while I'm away and others are feeding them for me. I like Fromm, they make their own stuff in Wisconsin. I will also feed Acana (made by Orijen) but it is more expensive and my dogs actually do better on the Fromm varieties. Once I am back from Belgium and my life is more "normal", I will get back to feeding them 90% raw food (one or two meals a week of kibble).

Ryze is holding in a pattern of more slowed growth. (he is now around 14.75") I am so, so crossing my fingers that he stays under the FCI cutoff! HE is a super easy puppy in the house, if you are busy he will entertain himself and then take a nap. Super easy to housetrain, gets along great with other dogs, good structure. AND he loves to tug and play - the most important things for an agility dog, in my opinion!

Today I took my vet paperwork down to the USDA APHIS office and got their stamp of approval for the Belgium trip with Kiba. I have begun packing as well, just need to get all my clothes in order. I am going to go sans cell phone on this trip, and just use my Kindle Fire to hook into wifi and check my email once or twice a day. (If that doesn't work, I'll borrow someone's laptop for 3 minutes!)

And to finish the post, here's a great picture taken by a Facebook friend at the Regional, of Strafe lifting off for a jump. He looks a bit like the Granting Pleasure side of the family here, with his front feet all tucked up:)

Photo by Kelly Muller

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