24 April 2012

The two buddy boys out on a walk between rainy periods yesterday. Ryze is a fabulous puppy, very well behaved in the house, quiet and self-entertaining when I'm busy, but playful and noisy and loves to tug when I ask for it. He's also pretty smart. Only downside is that he's STILL growing too tall... nothing to be done but wait and see at this point, as quite a few sheltie people have told me; some of them grow like rockets then stop suddenly, some of them  grow slowly and then spurt late. There's just too much variation to be able to reliably predict anything. I'm still just crossing my fingers for 16 and 7/8" or less. I've pretty much given up on staying under 16" . . . he's already close to 14.5" at 4 months old. I'm pretty sure his knuckle/bone looks more "petite" now instead of having that large puppy-knuckle look, and I also think he grew less this last week and a half than he had been growing weekly for a while there (rate of .5"/week at many times!) so perhaps from here out he will slow down and end up just around 16" somewhere, but it's really impossible to predict. Wait and see!

Last week we held our WAO Team practice at the wonderful facility at Barto. Bev was kind enough to donate the time for the rental and also for our fundraising run-through's afterwards. Thanks to Orchard Hills Training Center! The new building is really nice - it's huge, with no pillars, and allowed us to easily set up large international courses like this one where we really had to run our butts off. Overall Kiba did really well, and I feel like the only major issue we had was the extended double spread jump that we never see here in the US. So our plan for the next couple weeks is to do that plus a few skill exercises, because other than that, we are basically ready to go.

WAO practice was last Tues/Wed, the Regional was Fri/Sat/Sun, but some crazy people are at it again Mon/Tues (yesterday/today) with Anna Eiffert at a special International courses seminar. I would have enjoyed attending for the practice, but didn't feel that it was fair to my dogs' bodies to run that many days of agility in one week. Especially the physical and mental demands necessary for international types of courses. I am trying to be careful and not break me or my dog!

I spent yesterday mostly resting (and catching up on Merlin episodes from Season 4, only 2 more episodes to go!) and getting more details for the Belgium trip finalized. Rental car, hotel for the first night in Brussels, import paperwork for Kiba.

This week is the first full week home I will have since March! Looking forward to it, although I need to do all the stupid home-things I have missed out on. Laundry, always laundry when you're traveling, there's no end of it! Especially since I only have 3 good pairs of running pants that I like to wear. Then next Wednesday I leave for Minnesota for Tryouts with Trig (and Strafe comes along for the ride). I decided to drive since there is no urgency for my trip due to work, and it's just easier and cheaper that way as well. It's about an 18-hour drive for me, but if I pick an affordable hotel and my car continues getting 32mpg on the highway that's not too expensive, and worth avoiding the hassle of flying.

Trig, of course, decided to blow all her coat just in time to be naked for Tryouts... oh well, good thing it's not a beauty pageant!

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