30 April 2012

Tryouts... coming soon

I spent this weekend resting (more reading on my Kindle Fire!) and packing for Tryouts. I ended up putting the rooftop box back on my little car to put all the bulky stuff in it, since I'm picking up my friend at the airport and we'll need to stuff 3 dogs and 2 people in there with all our gear for a short time till we get unpacked. I leave Wed after a lesson, probably about noon, I'm heading out just past Cleveland, then the rest of the way Thursday, so that Friday will only be a short matter of picking up my friend and moseying over to the site to walk our dogs until we can set up, since it will be too early to check into a hotel.

In honor of a whole event where I'm only running my step-child Trig (who I co-own now in order to run at Tryouts), here are some pictures of her. I don't feature her much here on my blog because even though I've been running her since last November and we're trying out for the world team, I don't really  have a great bond with her. She likes me, and I like her, but we don't belong to each other. I would happily run her if I made the team, and feel that we are a reliable pair, but if we don't make it I won't be horribly upset either. My future with the AKC World Team belongs with Strafe.

Here's Triggy!

Copyright Rich Knecht

Also, monster sheltie baby Ryze has not been growing as quickly, and has only gained perhaps .1 or .2 of an inch over the last 2 weeks. He is holding right around 14.5", which is still almost an inch over on the Nobel growth chart, but the mere fact that he finally slowed down gives me hope! I heard from several people who said their shelties grew like weeds only to stop dramatically and stay "in size" (16"). I don't care if he's over that, so I have some flexbility at least.

"Squirt", as his current nickname has come to be, in the buttercups the other day before I mowed them:

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