23 April 2012

Post Regional

Possibly the most exhausting agility trial I've ever been at. Overall we did well, and I got some of the Q's I was after, won some of the money I was after, and my dogs ran very well. The schedule for the trial did not work so well though, and we left the hotel at 6am and didn't get back till 8pm or later both Friday and Saturday, which is a bit crazy.

Friday Strafe had his 3rd chance to earn a local Grand Prix leg, and he did it! So we earned the chance to play in the Regional Round 1 on Saturday.

Also on Friday we ran Team Jumpers, Team Standard, and Team Gamblers. All 3 of my dogs did pretty well, Drifter really enjoyed running in the P16" class, and Kiba ran really well at 22", placing 4th in Team Jumpers by less than half a second behind 1st, in a VERY competitive 22" class (of dogs who are mostly bigger, younger, and used to jumping 22"!). The Triathlon Final round competitors are determined from combined Team Jumpers and Standard, and all 3 of them easily got through into the Final so I was pretty happy with my Friday.

Saturday we started with Regional Steeplechase Round 1, Grand Prix Round 1, and Team Snooker in each of the 3 rings. Drifter wasn't running the Regional classes since he isn't going to Nationals, and Kiba didn't need to run PGP Round 1 since she had a bye voucher. Early this morning started out by finding out that Strafe's pelvis had been out of alignment, and although my PT fixed it and worked on the surrounding muscles, he was still a little sore in the muscles/tendons around the area, and he knocked 2 bars in Steeplechase (but had a great time), and 1 bar on a hard but fun Grand Prix course (had a great run otherwise!). Kiba got to run PSJ at 16" since that's what she qualified at, and that's where she'll be again after Belgium - she rocked that course and went into the Final round in 1st place. For Team Snooker I couldn't find a great plan, so even though all 3 dogs ran well for me, none of them placed.

After Snooker I got Strafe worked on again by my PT and she loosened up the muscles some more, stretched him very well, and lasered the heck out of the sore area. I then walked him out for a while and when we checked him later on he felt much better.

Team Relay went reasonably well and Drifter's team with a steady fast sheltie ended up 4th overall, Strafe's Team was 21st overall (out of 63) and so Strafe got his Team Q for Nationals. Kiba's team didn't do that well due to some teammate mistakes, but I didn't really mind since I am not running her in Championship Team in Denver anyway.

Last, and late, Saturday evening was Triathlon Finals. This was an awesomely fun course that had some great challenges.

Due to the lack of a lead out on Drifter, he did not do so well (apparently being semi-retired means no longer staying on the start line!) but Kiba had a really fabulous run at 22" and finished 2nd place with a great time! I was really proud of this run as again, she beat some younger, bigger dogs at their regular jump height. Strafe also had a really fabulous run, but got called a refusal when he *almost* stopped before jumping a jump. This really pissed me off, since he did NOT stop, he did NOT turn away from the jump, and he DID jump it without stopping his motion forward, so really there was no excuse for calling a refusal. My best guess is that the judge called it because he assumed Strafe was stopping, and even though we saved it, he did not rescind the call. I thought we had the fastest time but I went back and looked and we would have been 2nd place, but still, for my 19month old dog to have the 2nd fastest time among some truly World Class competition at 26" is amazing! I just wish I hadn't lost the $155 I would have gotten for 2nd place!!!! I will probably avoid this judge for big competitions if possible now...

Sunday was Kiba's day, and I muddled her PGP Round 2 by aiming her precisely *between* the correct and incorrect obstacles, and she chose to wrap my leg a bit and take the incorrect one. Oh well. No bye to semi-finals there!

PSJ I was determined to WIN after mucking up PGP, and it was a super speed course, almost disappointingly easy, so I wasn't sure whether Kiba would win or not, but we pushed hard and did it, winning another $53 to take home.

I am thinking about using the $210 to buy a Kindle Fire to take to Belgium;)

Oh, I also bought a Pet-O-Bed to bring home. I can't turn down a nice supportive foam bed. Seri approves!


Tracy Carter said...

I got to see Strafe's Triathlon run, it looked phenomenal! I was really surprised at the call. He called some really close ones where I guess I could see what he was getting at, but Strafe, no.

But it was a gorgeous run!

Tori Self said...

Yeah, I agree, looked like a bad call in Strafe's run. He looks fantastic!

Rosanne said...

Thanks guys, unfortunately I never got to see a video and didn't ask anyone to record it for me. I was shocked when I left the ring and heard George saying "time of 26.74 with one refusal". I was like "WTF is that judge smoking?!"

I'm usually really willing to give judges the benefit of the doubt but he seriously was wrong on that call!