12 April 2012

Lots of Agility April

After I got back from Reno I spent a whopping 3 days at home before driving down to North Carolina to teach a seminar over the weekend. After the seminar, we packed up the van and I drove from North Carolina to Ohio to participate in one of Linda's Tryouts Prep camps. I wanted to run both Trig and Kiba, to practice for both Tryouts (Trig) and WAO (Kiba). Kiba ran absolutely great and is very ready for the competition in Belgium in May. I was especially pleased with her jumping. Since she has historically had some issues with taking off slightly early (over any height) I have been very careful to watch her jumping while working her up to 20" and 22". Well, she ran fabulously on both the carpet and grass, at 22", on very difficult courses with difficult jumping situations. She did have to take a few extra strides to think about the extended double, but she was able to clear it the first time through. I was also pleased with her weave entries, which is something else we've had some issues with - she isn't *bad*, she's just not as reliable as Drifter, so I have to be aware of her minor issues and remember to handle them properly.

Trig ran quite well for me too, and I was pleased with her overall. She did some really tricky sequences very well, and I think I'm getting a handle on how to run her. She's quite different from my usual dogs, as she really does better with an "in your face" handling style and lots of verbal assistance.

After the 2nd day of the seminar we decided to just go ahead and drive all the way home, so we got in quite late last night. Consequently, today we are tired but happy to be "home" in North Carolina (you'd be surprised how many people think I live here!). Tomorrow we have one day of a local USDAA trial to get Kiba used to competing at 22", and try to get Strafe a Grand Prix Q and another Steeplechase.

Saturday I finally head home.... and have to prepare for the next week of craziness!

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