15 April 2012


It's OK to admit you're a nerd. I play video games. I hook up the wifi to my Xbox 360 using the wifi extender in my bathroom cabinet.

But mostly today I spent alternating between walking the dogs around the field in short walks, cleaning the bathroom, living room, and spare bedroom (houseguest arrives tomorrow), and resting my brain, which is a bit fried still from my recent travel schedule. I spent the evening (nerd alert) starting a game of Halo Anniversary edition - they updated the original Halo game to play in HD on the Xbox 360, and I realized that while I did play through the entire Halo 2 game back when it was new, I never did go back and play the first one. And I finished Mass Effect 3 before AKC Nationals so I need something "new" to play for a bit when I'm home. I will go back and replay through the Mass Effect trilogy at some point, since you do get to discover new things you missed on a second play through, but for now it's classic Halo.

Kiba is on a rest and laser and walk schedule, since after running on the carpet at Linda's then running 5 Team runs at 22" in one day, her back is pretty tight. She's moving pretty well though, but I want her rested for WAO practice Tues/Wed this week. And the Regional starts on Friday...

I posted videos from AKC Nationals on my youtube channel. I'm not embedding all of them - it's past 10pm here and I still need to laser the dogs and go to bed!

PS I hardly recognized Ryze when I got home, he's grown a ton, and it's ALL leg! Keep crossing your fingers for me that he stays under FCI Medium cutoff, as he is certainly not staying under 16"!

Here's a random picture to complete my post and add some visual variety. Me, riding my horse in a Jumpers competition circa 1997...

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