29 April 2012


First off, I decided to add an evening workshop on Friday May 11th - as you might guess, this is a way of fundraising for myself for WAO - I leave that Sunday night for Belgium! It's all coming so quickly!

Building Confidence in Blind Crosses
a 2-hour workshop with Rosanne DeMascio
Outdoors on grass in Elkton MD, Friday May 11th
6pm to 8pm, Cost is $60, limited to 8 working dogs. Auditors unlimited for $25

We are located only about 30min from the Wilmington Kennel Club trial site!

This workshop is designed to teach handlers to be confident using blind crosses in a variety of situations. We will cover everything from the basic groundwork up to complex applications. The goal is to make both handlers and dogs more comfortable and confident with the use of blind crosses on course. This workshop is appropriate for any handler or dog who is running courses.

Email me at rdrift@gmail.com to sign up

And then in June my trial plans began to fall apart, so I made the smart decision to hold some workshop series and make money instead of spending it! These are all specific skill focused workshops, they should mesh with anyone's handling system and give each handler some information that will be useful for future training and handling. I love teaching short skill workshops because I feel that the participants get a lot more out of them, even if it is in a very narrowly focused set of skills. It's a great way to learn to be better, and most people can show strong improvement in the 3 hours.

Announcing a series of skill focused workshops with Rosanne DeMascio!
All workshops are outdoors on grass in a level, fenced ring.
Each 3-hour workshop is limited to only 8 working spots for $85, unlimited auditors for $30
Sign up for more than one workshop and receive $10 off each additional workshop!

Rosanne will also be available for private lessons on Friday and Sunday of each weekend, if you are interested in a personalized training session!
To reserve a spot or request more information, email Rosanne at rdrift@gmail.com

Saturday June 2nd 
9am to 12pm  "International Skills" - learn the important skills behind all the most difficult course elements that are popular overseas!
1pm to 4pm "Beat the Clock!" - Work through sequences with multiple options using a stopwatch; find out what's fastest for your dog!
(raindate Sunday June 3rd)

Saturday June 9th
9am to 12pm "Slow down! Teaching deceleration" - learn how to teach yourself and your dog to slow down when it's appropriate!
1pm to 4pm "Blind Crosses! Erase your fear!" - learn how to train them, where to use them, and how they can make you faster on course!
(raindate Sunday June 10th)

Saturday June 23rd
9am to 12pm "Backsides and Push-throughs"  - work on 2 difficult elements of handling that are becoming more popular, from basics to coursework!
1pm to 4pm "The Blind Wrap: a How To" - teach the increasingly popular "behind the back" wrap turn, and learn how to use it to tighten your times on course!
(raindate Sunday June 24th)

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