26 March 2012

Reno, coming up. Busytime commences.

well tomorrow evening I head up into NJ, staying overnight at a friend's house and then flying early Wed morning. I'm going straight from Newark to San Francisco, then driving across the mountains to Reno (should be about a 3-4hour drive). I didn't want to connect flights with 2 dogs along for the ride, just too much time and risk involved. So I'm landing, renting a minivan, and driving across. I'm constantly checking the weather for the drive over, because guess what? The major highway across those mountains goes through the infamous Donner Pass (yeah, that one!). So I may be taking a slightly longer route that should be a little lower elevation/less snow, without adding too much time onto my drive.

When I get to Reno, I will check into the hotel, then run over to the Reno airport to pick up a friend who's flying straight in. Thursday is an easy day, just setting up our stuff at the site, picking up groceries for the weekend, and maybe taking the dogs for a calm, relaxing walk to decompress after our hectic travel day on Wed.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday is the competition, and we fly home on Monday. I won't be bringing my laptop, as half my suitcase is already taken up with dog beds, and my laptop is too bulky to carry on comfortably. So don't expect any blog updates. i will be on facebook mostly. I felt that the Twitter updates were pretty useless last year, since most people read them when they mirrored to Facebook anyway.

I am very excited to run Kiba in her current mental and physical state. I feel that we're better prepared and in tune than we've ever been, due to our run at preparing for WAO and my hard work all winter to keep her fit and lean. (she's only 25.5lbs right now!) She's running fast, she's jumping well, she's handling sharply, and she's even staying on her contacts since we've drilled that in a few different places. I'm sure I'll lose those over the weekend as I push her a little, but I will try hard to hold her in NAC Standard since she's fast enough that I don't have to push there. . .

After I get back, I have a couple days at home, followed by a seminar that I'm teaching in NC the following weekend, a road trip to OH and back from NC, a one-day trial in NC, then driving home. Then I have another short couple of days at home before WAO practice and the PA USDAA Regional. After that I have 1 full weekend off, then I'm off to AKC World Team Tryouts with Trig (and probably a +1 passenger dog). 1 more full weekend home then I'm off to Belgium for WAO!

So basically, crazy-busy-time is about to commence! Today I'm going to double check my bag that I packed, go through my check list one more time, and finish my Mass Effect 3 game ;) Tomorrow we have a short swim session in the morning, health certificates in the afternoon, then we're off to NJ!

I hope my other dogs behave while I'm away. They are SO well behaved when I am home, and a couple of them are not so good when I'm not home. And even though I'm not there, it still irks me that my little angels could misbehave just because I'm not there to supervise... naughty beasts!

Speaking of staying home, this is my first big event without Drifter since 2003. He's been my main dog that whole time, and now he's staying home to sleep on the couch, my bed, and raid my mother's dog toy box. i don't think he really cares either way, but I know he'd be happy to know he doesn't have to ride on another plane.

How Drifter will spend the next week while I'm traveling...

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