12 March 2012


I hate proofing. It always feels unfair to the dogs. Setting them up to fail, so I can correct them (gently) and then asking them to try again. But I do it because i need to be able to rely on my dogs to do as they're trained despite high trial excitement.

Lately, Kiba has been failing on her aframe at trials. Well, not just lately. She's always been inconsistent. She was originally trained for a running aframe, could never figure it out (still can't). So we went to 4 on the floor, which is not my favorite behavior for the frame but works OK for Kiba. She understands it. at home. At trials, she reverts to running, which is a problem, since her "running" frame has always been right around 50% hit and miss. She doesn't "leap" but she doesn't hit yellow either... So we went to run-through's yesterday and sure enough Kiba ran off her frame, and I picked her up and walked her off and ran the course again and she stopped like a little angel. Second run? same thing! Ran off the first one. Got walked off. So it was good training, even if it did feel silly to pay for a run-through match with my 7 year old world team dog!

Strafe had a couple confused "wait, run or stop??" moments on his dogwalk, but I was pretty pleased with him overall. He evened out after a few tries and got it right several times in a row (I made up a course with 4 dogwalks in it!)

Tomorrow we'll go one other place to get on contacts, then take 2 days off from agility before the 3-day weekend at USDAA. Kiba also needs to start working on 16" jumps starting this weekend so we're at least somewhat in tune for them in Reno. I won't spend much time on them because I need her to be able to bounce right back up to 20"/22" when we get home. And she didn't hit a single bar or go off course at all in Louisville, and again we hadn't practiced 16" more than a week or so before going, so I'm not too concerned about that.

Strafe's USDAA debut is this weekend, along with Seri's "coming back out" debut. Seri is doing really well in training, we are sequencing all obstacles including dogwalk and aframe and she is holding up really well so far. I have a PT appointment at the trial after her last run so I will know right away if she threw anything out.

Drifter is only running in 2 classes on Friday, chipping away at those final LAA legs he needs.

Ryze is doing great, he's super quiet in his crate, super playful when he's out. Already pretty good about house training although I am pretty proactive about taking him out before he goes in the house. He's still on the "big" side. According to the more generous growth chart, he's about .25" to .5" too tall for his age. If he maintains that much above 16" and ends up at 16.25" or 16.5" I will be OK with that. I just really don't want him to be over 17"!

And a picture. Every post needs one.


Daisy said...

I don't like to think of such things as proofing, but I do enjoy 'poking' at a behavior with a dog, to see just where the outer limits of their understanding of that behavior lie :)

Rosanne said...

part of my hatred of proofing is repetition. my nemesis....

Kiba's limit seems to be "at a trial".... will be walking off next Sunday if we go running past, I think.