18 March 2012

Paws in Motion USDAA Recap

I ran a lot of dogs at this trial so i will recap per dog, it's easier for my brain to keep it organized that way!

First off, the biggest news for me - Seri ran in 3 classes and DIDN'T BREAK HERSELF!!! In fact, on Friday she ran pretty darned well, qualified in Advanced Standard in the first run to finally finish up that AAD title that's been hanging in limbo for the last several years. I was so excited that I actually picked up my title ribbon, which I never do! I feel like I totally earned this one! 5 years of training, and many months of rehab and strengthening, lots of PT, and we finally got into Masters!

She also ran well in the first round of Steeplechase, but a missed contact on the aframe plus one knocked bar kept her out of Finals - she did have the fastest time of all dogs by a full second though! I knew aframes would be rough since I don't practice them much, out of concern for her shoulder and wrist issues. And when we do them in training, I often don't let her take them at high speed.
Sunday we ran Grand Prix, and her brain exploded out of her ears in spectacular fashion and I walked off.... oh well. Good old Seri, she definitely LOVES the sport, gotta give her that! I have no good videos of her from the weekend, unfortunately.

Drifter - also no video. He was only entered in 2 classes on Friday, and one dropped bar kept us from Q'ing in Masters Jumpers, and our partner had a miscue that led to an NQ in Pairs. Drifter ran well though.

Kiba - She Q'ed in PGP and PSJ (2nd in both) so she is now fully qualified for Nationals in Denver if we decide to go. I spent the entire weekend holding contacts, rather than pushing for the win, which seemed to do some good since she became pretty reliable by the end of the day Sunday. Her back was a bit tight so I got her worked on a couple times.

Here is her PGP run:

And here is her P3 Standard run from Sunday, again holding contacts:

Trig - she qualified in Team, Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and got a Snooker Q and Super Q to finish her ADCH. So definitely a good girl, and running well heading into Reno. We had a couple naughty runs in Team (Relay and Snooker...), but some other really nice runs too. "get in her face" is my mantra with her....

and of course Strafe! He was a very good dog, in sum he got a Starters Standard Q, 2 Jumpers Q's, and a Steeplechase Q. He was 1 bar away from getting a very tough Grand Prix, and also 1 bar away from his 2nd Standard Q and a Gamble Q as well. I feel that he and I are starting to get a little smoother together though, we are having fewer miscommunications than we used to have at trials. The video, of course, shows our biggest miscue of the weekend - Steeplechase Round 1 where he comes out of a tunnel and just stops and kind of says "wait, what?" and I had to stop him and go tell him where to go. We still managed to come in with a Q though, and then he got 3rd in the Final round with a really nice clean run!

Oh, and on Sunday Ryze came to the trial too. He was sassy and confident this time, yapping away at people and dogs, and tugging with random strangers like a champ!

No trials now till AKC Nationals. I am somewhat excited about it, but as with all trials which involve air travel, the excitement won't really kick in till we land and rent the car, and my dogs and I are all safe and sound!

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