15 March 2012

Leaked Insider Videos!

This year for the WAO eBook several of us contributors decided to add video links to demonstrate what we were trying to describe in a visual form that would be easier for people to understand. The problem with this is that it's not easy to add videos to an Acrobat (.pdf) document, so we went with the easy route and have hosted them on YouTube as "unlisted" videos. What that means is that only people who have the direct link to the video can view it. It does not make it private though. This morning, one of the videos from the eBook began making the rounds on Facebook. We'll probably never know who thought it was amusing to share an eBook video with all their friends for free, but the Team has decided to go with it and use it as advertising.

Without further ado, i present to you:

Our cover has been blown!

If you enjoy that video and the time and attention to detail that Mike put into it, please support Mike and all the other team members by buying the WAO eBook!

1 comment:

Tracy Carter said...

That's hilarious, I bet you sell a lot more now!