10 March 2012


Not the school kind, to which I was morally opposed.

Spent several hours today working on the schedule for my PT's at AKC Nationals. Can't believe it's only 3 weeks away!

Tomorrow I'm going to run-through's at a local trainer's house. I want to work on Strafe's new dogwalk behavior in a new place, and I want to proof Kiba's aframe. The naughty little dog. She's pretty solid here at home with her 4otf behavior, but go to a trial and it reverts back to a sketchy running behavior. Her dogwalk has been pretty good - she is stopping in the yellow instead of on the ground, but I'll accept that over leaping off any day. The aframe she just hits and goes, which has not been an allowable behavior for a long time, but I've let it go in certain events and so she keeps on trying... I'd like to get a little independence, at least!

Short post today. Here's a picture for you. It's in Copenhagen.

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