06 February 2012

Triton, Trig, Strafe in front of Tampa Bay at Davis Island
I am back from my Florida trip, and I definitely had fun. It was lovely weather the entire time we were down there (I traveled with a friend and her border collie). Strafe got 2 Open JWW legs and 2 Open Standard legs to finish his OA title, and gets to run in Excellent this coming weekend at the local trial (after which he has some time off since he's been so busy!)

It was sunny, dry, and around 78 to 80F (26C) the entire time we were there. It was fun to run around in t-shirts and get a slight tan! Of course half-way home we got out of the car to get gas and it was much colder and suddenly we felt like giant wimps about it, since it was still well above freezing. But we had to dig our coats out of the luggage again...

I am definitely considering going down to FL again next year, and I especially liked the Jacksonville site - it is a great indoor arena, it stayed cool all day, it had tons of space for walking dogs, indoor bathrooms, lots of crating, and parking right outside the door! And they did a great job grooming the surface every night so the dirt wasn't too horribly packed. In my experience, all packed dirt surfaces get hard throughout the day, but the dogs did well on this one, not too much slipping, and not much in the way of knocked bars either. I would definitely go to this site again for a big trial!

Strafe handled the long trip away like a pro, with the only exception being that he was a little bit growly and barky in the hotel room if he heard people outside that he wasn't expecting or thought sounded suspicious, so I was unable to leave him in the hotel while we went out to grab dinner. But at 17 months this is not such an unusual behavior and I'm sure he will learn that it's not appropriate. He was quiet the vast majority of the time while I was in the room. Overall, he acts like a much older dog, and at the seminar we ran in on Monday I had several people ask me to reiterate how old he was (17 months, really!), and I'm sure people must think I'm training him constantly to have him at this level, but I realy don't - he just does everything I ask him to, like he's been doing it his whole life. Since this is what both of his parents are like, it doesn't surprise me, but it's such a new and exciting feeling to have a young dog that just says "Ok!" to everything I ask him to do!

Strafe with his new best friend Triton. They were practically inseparable and it was adorable.
Strafe and Triton playing at the Davis Island Dog Park
Playing at Davis Island Dog Beach in Tampa Bay

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