10 February 2012

Sometimes when I'm out walking my dogs, I like to pose them and take silly pictures after we've walked around the field. Like this:

And sometimes I try to take a picture of Strafe now that he's all grown up. What usually happens is that he will strike a pose showing off his lovely structure and flowing locks, usually while watching the other dogs. I pull out my phone, unlock the screen, and push the camera button. The camera comes up. I begin to get into position and Strafe moves. So I get a lot of pics of him almost stacked nicely but with one foot out of place, or his head hunched down so his neck disappears, or he starts to crouch and his shoulders drop... this is the best I got, and I can see how pretty he is but it still isn't a great pic. One day I'll actually get someone to help me show off his lovely figure....

Strafe makes his debut in Excellent A Standard tomorrow. The trial is in an unheated horse arena and will probably be chilly so I have their sweaters packed up in the bag in preparation for tomorrow. Will be getting up rather early but since Strafe obligingly finished most of his lower level titles, I won't have to stay very late at the trial and should be home fairly early in the afternoon, which is nice.

Still contemplating taking the sheltie pup. I have been researching the pedigree rather extensively and while I'm not familiar with the conformation dogs close behind the dam, when I went a little further back there were a lot of dogs that are behind some tremendous performance dogs today, and I liked that. And her great-grandfather is a littermate to the sire of some of the OBay dogs, and I love her dogs! Definite bonus... and the sire himself is a fabulous agility dog, a really nice jumping sheltie. Since quite a few of my dogs have been found due to karmic accidents, even though I am not really that type of person in general, I may go ahead and take this pup... can't argue when something nice lands in your lap right?

Heck, Drifter was a leftover 4+ month old pup, Kiba was a leftover pup as well, neither of them was planned. Seri was semi-planned - I wasn't planning on looking for a pup but when I found out they were breeding her litter i couldn't help but sign up. Strafe is my only current dog where I put months of planning into finding the litter, not just stumbling upon it and liking it.

So... hmmm....

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