27 February 2012

Sheltie. So far, a lot like a border collie but with more yapping.

Late Monday night, my little pup was shipped from Alberta Canada. He travelled on 2 planes to get to me Tuesday afternoon. When we met him at the airport, he stood up, wagged at us, and said "Yap!" right there in the crate. On the way home, he ran around (on leash) and barked at trees.

The next day, Wednesday, he had to travel with me while I taught private lessons in NJ. He did fabulous, although I think he was still tired. He was brave about meeting new people. He was great in the car.

Thursday was our only day home, and so far my dogs are doing fine with him, although they aren't really playing yet, they don't seem to dislike him either. They do get jealous of the TOYS I have when I play with him, but that's about it.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday he went with me to Virginia where I was teaching all day, each day. This is inside a nice climate controlled, clean floored (no dirt!) facility, and so I told people who attended that they were free to get him out and walk him for me, to play with him, and cuddle him on their laps while I was teaching.

So basically my sheltie loves all people, will play pretty much anytime you ask him to, and is quiet in his crate. He slept through the  night in the new place, met new dogs and new people, and basically everybody loved him. He was gifted with several new toys! and he loved them all.

I don't know if you need to be my facebook friend to watch this video, but it's pretty funny, if you can.
And so far, he only yaps and barks when he's playing, which is fine. Recreational barking I would have to work on stopping, but I haven't seen any of that, thankfully!

As always, I enjoyed teaching at ACA, it's a fun group of people and they seem to like me which is nice too! Strafe did a bit of training on another new surface and tried his hand at some of the harder masters sequences during lunch, and as always he did great. He isn't perfect at everything yet, and he shouldn't be at this age, but he has a lot of natural talent and isn't pushy about things, which makes my life much easier!

This weekend we have another AKC trial. It is Drifter's first trial since December and he's a bit out of shape, but he's only running Friday and Sunday, and only 2 runs so I think he'll be fine. Hopefully we can get a QQ or 2 to chip away at MACH2.

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