09 February 2012

Seri update #.... oh, I gave up counting.

So after her brief bout of toe related lameness on Sunday night, Seri has looked fine, and I let her swim on Tuesday as usual. When Ria (my PT) arrived, I had her check Seri out and she confirmed what I had found - she did something minor but painful to a toe on Sunday, and it was already mostly healed. Didn't feel like a jam to her (unless I had already unjammed it by pulling all her toes, which I always do when checking them), so it seems like she probably just twisted or bruised it on something. She confirmed what I thought, which is that her shoulders are both doing pretty well, and her pelvis/sacrum area was still in and doing fine too. Cleared for some more agility practice.

Which is what I did last night between classes. The footing in our indoor isn't perfect for a dog with an iffy shoulder, but I decided to chance it and just break the sequences up into large pieces. I allowed her to weave 3 times, but I always paused and made her stop before entering the weave poles because she has a habit of slamming into the first pole (moving the pole bases about a foot or so) and then using that to bleed off momentum. Not ideal, by any means. Anyway, I ran her around 3 jumping courses, with weaves, in large sections, and she did pretty well. Considering she has had so little practice, I am actually pretty pleased with how well she's trying to pay attention to my handling. I really can't run full out like a maniac with her (she has enough "maniac" all by herself anyway) and I can't get too fancy or ask for tight turns, but she reallky did try to go where I pointed, and only hit a few bars at 22" - at this point I'm just letting them go since I am limiting her jumping.

I have solidified my plan to pull her from the AKC trial in early March and will run her in exactly 3 classes at the USDAA trial 2 weeks after that instead. Advanced Standard, Steeplechase Round 1, and Grand Prix. If she makes it through Steeplechase I will not run round 2, just take my Q and be happy.

i've been playing with different configurations of putting dogs in my downsized car, and I'm pretty happy with this one for 3 dogs - I have Seri and Strafe on the backseat with seatbelts, and Kiba in an airline crate sideways in the back. Works pretty nicely. If I bring Drifter or Trig somewhere I just switch them into the backseat arrangement since they are both fine with that as well.

You can see that Strafe and Seri are very stressed about this situation:

Don't worry, the car was parked!

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