07 February 2012

Random Stuff

Seri has been looking pretty good since her weird "good side" limp the other day. The PT arrives today to check on everyone and I'll ask her about it. I'm still contemplating Seri's future. I am wondering if I should pull her from the AKC trial in March and switch her to the USDAA one and just enter GP and Steeeplechase. She has a much better likelihood of being able to qualify and run in those events in Denver than doing 6 QQ's and then having to run 5 runs or so concentrated over the 3 days of AKC Nationals. At USDAA she may only need to run a couple runs total, and have a day off between some of them. Anyway. Random thoughts, as I said.

More randomness; when DJ left I did not get to salvage the SDHC card with my Copenhagen pictures on it. But while I was searching the one that's currently in my laptop, I did find some unprocessed pictures from our first trip to the UK. So here are some of those that I never posted, all from our Monday trip to Cardiff, Wales.

Passing by the outside of Cardiff Castle, right in the middle of Cardiff. It is surrounded by this huge wall and takes us a block or two!

Inside the wall, there is a large, newer castle that is more like a manor house, and this much older fort on a hill, which we were allowed to go inside and wander around, including climbing to the top.

We parked in a garage right in front of Millennium Stadium. I think somebody important plays here ;)

Millennium Centre. Very cool opera/orchestra house, and the lobby was open to the public. We went inside and walked around. This sight is familiar to any diehard Doctor Who or Torchwood fan.

This picture is pretty meaningless unless you are a Doctor Who or Torchwood fan, but since I am, I was very excited to walk around here :) Unfortunately the Torchwood lair entrance water fountain/statue was not operating when we were there.


Sarah Duke said...

Catching up, you write a lot these days ;)

Excited and hopeful for Seri!! Fingers crossed she settles down and saves herself!

Strafe looks fantastic! Wow what a mature young dude.

Good luck with the Sheltie, I like the one on the bottom better :) LOL

Oh and I *finally* get all the Dr Who references! I watched the Showtime (or was it Starz?) version of Torchwood which got me hooked, then I saw Billie Piper was a part of Dr Who, oh god hopelessly addicted now. So thanks for the pics, they are even cooler now!!

Amy Siegel said...

"when DJ left" ? Permanently?