15 February 2012

Bird in hand

one of these MAY be coming to live with me... I am awaiting a final video of the mother to make sure her jumping looks OK (I am a freaky paranoid person about ETS), but if she does (and I think she will), one of these little monsters will be coming here. It is too early for a puppy, yes, but sometimes a good puppy just "falls into your lap" so to speak, and this one is nice enough that I feel I can't really turn it down. Plus the breeder actually WANTS me to take it! It's a boy puppy, tricolor, and his sire's family has a few really really nice agility dogs in it. The mother is mostly conformation lines up close but she also has some relatives owned and bred by famous agility handlers in the western US that are very nice dogs too. There is perhaps a bit more risk of ETS in an AOAC (Any Other Allowable Color - meaning not sable) litter, but I am reasonably sure this one will be OK.

Bird in the hand. Worth two in the bush, no?


LiveWiredAG said...

Gotta stick with the tri's! Very cute! Congrats IF one of the two monsters does in fact come home to live with you!

I didn't realize that non-sable's were more likely to have ETS in Shelties? Interesting?

Rosanne said...

the ETS thing is just speculation from a few knowledgeable people - but one of them suggests it may be more due to one very popular merle stud who also threw ETS, and thus it is happening more in his descendants.

I don't think the incidence is higher in any color in BC's, although I know 2 merle lines that seem to throw it, i also know plenty of non-merles with the issue. So like all speculation, I take this with a grain of salt.

corbinwooten said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, and I'm really enjoying it.

I have shelties (both sables) and have always wanted a merle. But, the fear of ETS is definitely a factor for me. I've heard people talk about that merle stud that they believe is responsible for some of it.

I'm curious, though, how you are evaluating a puppy's jumping. I am fairly new to agility (2 years), but would like to choose my next puppy with as much information as possible.

Rosanne said...

I'm not evaluating the puppy's jumping - that's not really possible, although I am hoping some day someone will come up with a reliable visual test for puppies that can test whether they will develop perception issues or ETS later on.

The video I'm waiting for is of the mother of the pups. She hasn't competed much so there's very little video of her. The sire is a merle and is a really lovely jumper, as are 2 of his aunts and he is linebred on that side of the family.

corbinwooten said...

Ahh! That makes more sense. I was thinking...wait! Is there something I'm missing?

I'm curious the lines of the pup. Is that something you'd be willing to share here? No problem if you'd rather not.

I try to follow/keep track of a lot of the performance sheltie lines as I learn/research.

Rosanne said...

I will post the pedigree on my website if/when I get the puppy. I will definitely share some videos then too.