11 February 2012

Imp. All Zet Air Attack Strafe OA OAJ

3rd and Final OAJ leg today. We're up in Exc A for both classes now, woohoo! My big goal was to try to get him up into Excellent before leaving for AKC Nationals at the end of March, so that when I came back his legs in B would count towards Tryouts right away. I don't expect he'll finish his AX and AXJ both with only 4 more days of trials before that time, however he should be fairly close with at least 1 or 2 legs in each, hopefully.

Strafe did miss his first contact today. I'll admit it. It was his 11th dogwalk in the ring, but it was his first try at Excellent, and the approach, while safe, was not something I've worked on a lot (a pull in discrimination with a tunnel) and I got lagged behind a bit, and then the jump afterwards was very far away and he didn't focus forward very well. No big deal. I counted and he's done 17 aframes in competition and hasn't missed a single one of those, or flown off a see-saw. I even blind crossed a see-saw this morning!

Trig got another QQ for me today. She is a bit of a Q machine for me these days, and while she's not as exciting to run as my faster dogs, it is nice to have a mostly trusty sidekick out there... I think this was QQ #18 so she will probably MACH for me at the next trial.

I definitely don't have a super great "connection" running Trig, but I do think we run well together. This is definitely a temporary team though - I'm giving her back in May after Tryouts. My reason for attending Tryouts with a borrowed dog is entirely selfish, but twofold. One being that I just really enjoy Tryouts and don't have a dog for it this year, and the 2nd reason being that I don't want the AKC Team "selectors" to forget about me;) I want to show up with an entirely different dog, and although I may not "wow" them, I want them to at least have the thought "hey, she's not a one hit wonder". That's all. I don't expect us to win or be chosen (although I wouldn't rule it out if Trig runs clean a whole bunch), I just want to get us out there so when I go back in 2013 with Strafe, the selection committee will be more like "OMG this handler came back with a 3rd dog and she's STILL AWESOME!!"  (or at least, that's how it works in my mind....;)

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Tori Self said...

Go Strafe!! Man that was fast.

Totally hear you on enjoying tryouts. It is such a cool event.