09 February 2012

by the way

Videos from my FL trip of both Strafe and Trig can be found on my youtube page.

Also, I may have accidentally found a sheltie puppy already. I have had pretty good luck with unplanned dogs, so I'm seriously thinking about it...


Sheltie Owner said...

Welcome to the "dark side"!

Who's the sheltie breeder?

Rosanne said...

it is a litter bred by an agility competitor in Canada, sired by her CKC world team dog who comes from a line they've kept in their family that's produced nice shelties for a few generations now. The bitch is from a mostly conformation kennel in the US but is slightly related to some other agility dogs I know who I really like.

I've been told by a few people that merle lines seem to be more strongly linked with ETS so I am being cautious since the sire is a merle but so far I have not seen any issues in the videos I'm watching, and none of the dogs are young so if they have a problem it should show by now.