02 January 2012

Some of Strafe's runs from the trial this past weekend. He was a very good boy his first weekend at 24", and finished both his NA and NAJ and even picked up an Open Standard leg.

Due to most of my potential videographers being in the same jump height, I didn't get any other dog's runs on video. Trig got 2 more QQ's at 26" with me, and Kiba had a few great one-bar runs and then QQ on Sunday with 2 really fast, nice runs at 20". She is not struggling with the height at all, I just have to keep conditioning and doing jump work till she remembers (and is capable of) to jump UP over the jumps, rather than just forward like she can with 16".

Today I picked up a couple shelties to keep for 2 nights till they go home with Ria to be worked on. I figure it's a good "test run" to see how I really like shelties;)

So far, one of them is in a playful kind of love with Strafe. Barks at him, jumps on him, wrestles, even humped him once! Too funny...

Also this week I get Ria's opinion on Seri's x-ray. I don't think it looks awful, and no, clearly it isn't the best x-ray on earth, but I do think it does look like something isn't quite right there. I don't know how bad it is, whether it will affect her ability to do agility or not, or whether it's genetic or not - in this case it is such an odd finding that I'd actually wonder if it was just an oddball congenital defect. It's certainly not something i've ever heard of a BC ever having before. i very well may end up with a consult at VOSM to talk to Dr. Canapp, the foremost sports-dog shoulder expert in the country... I'd prefer not to take another x-ray because shoulder x-rays require sedation, but I will if I must. I have reached a point where the 10 months of on/off/on/off shoulder issues have made me want an answer - can this dog do agility or not? If not, I am OK with it, but I would like to know!


Sheltie Owner said...

Nice runs! Well done.

Nice venue. Where was this?

Rosanne said...

This is the Salisbury MD site - Crown Sports Center in Eden MD. It's a lovely site, great footing, lots of crating space. Only negative is that there are skylights that make funny sunny patches on the fields sometimes.