23 January 2012

Seri's idea of comfortable sleeping positions is a little unusual.

Seri is on the couch noisily dreaming away, and it reminded me that I haven't posted about her physical issues lately. I have not been restricting her in any way, aside from not doing much agility due to the weather. She did jump grids while I was down in NC, and has been freely running, playing, and walking with the other dogs.

And she is doing fine. Perfectly fine. No pain on manipulation or range of motion in the shoulder, although she is always a little tight at end range these days. I am still set on getting a definitive answer by the trial I entered in March. She is only 5 years old, and if at this age she cannot do agility without being sore, then I will not do it. I am not willing to drug a dog to make her able to run, and I am not willing to sacrifice her ability to stay sound into old age just so I can have fun doing agility with her. That said, if i can strengthen her tot he point of doing it, I will try because she clearly loves it so much. Nothing else makes her scream with joy quite like agility does.

For old times sake, go ahead and turn up the volume on this one;)

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