06 January 2012

Seeking Sponsors...

Yep, it's that time again. The 2012 WAO Team USA is seeking sponsors! If you're interested in sponsoring the team, let me know, and I can put you in contact with our team manager. There are all kinds of sponsorship levels, from $50 on up to $5,000 with varying levels of recognition and advertising for each.

If you would like to sponsor me directly, that is also possible! New for this year we are doing "Dog Angel" sponsorships! You can email me and let me know you'd like to sponsor Kiba's veterinary costs, help with travel costs, or entry fees, or other costs of getting me and Kiba to Belgium. You can send us an unspecified amount like "vet costs" and I will let you know later on what the costs were and you can send the money to me, or "entry fees" in which case I will have to put you in touch with our manager because she does all the entering of classes. Or you can simply say you'd like to be one of Kiba's Angels and send any amount to me.

What do you get for that? Well, first off, you get that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped a great competitor get to Belgium to compete! I am not in a financial place in my career where a trip to europe is financially easy; this is a great burden on my finances and while our manager does a great job of getting sponsors to help defray costs, basically it comes down to my personal ability to pay for the trip.

Other benefits, you say?

Well, send me at least $50 and you will receive a public thank you both on Facebook and on my website, as I create a "Thanks to my wonderful sponsors" page...

In addition, anyone who wants to be Kiba's Angel and pledges at least $100, gets to send me their logo to put on Kiba's Back-on-Track coat (or other coat/cape, I haven't decided yet) to be worn around the event, including during the opening and closing ceremonies! This is great for business, since Kiba is really super adorable and has a fun little personality. Many people like to look at her and say "wow what a cute dog!". She will make a fantastic canine billboard ;) If you send me money for this and don't have a company logo, you are welcome to send some sort of silly phrase, or have me put your initials or name on, or anything really!

Already, Clean Run has agreed to sponsor the team with a generous donation towards uniform and general team expenses, and UKI has also pledged some money as well. Thanks very much to them!

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