22 January 2012

Pretty isn't it? Except it's 2 or 3" of snow with more than a tenth of an inch of pure ice on top. Doesn't sound like a lot .13", but I assure you, when it's frozen solid on top of snow, it's more than enough for dogs to ice skate on top of it! Yesterday the dogs did a fat lot of nothing while we waited out the weather. My workshops got cancelled, which was probably unnecessary for the afternoon hours, however there were an awful lot of accidents on the roads so I don't feel bad about it. Today the dogs are again ice skating; i am letting Strafe out alone because he keeps trying to run a bit on it, and I cannot have that. They aren't breaking through the ice at all. We did a little bit of peanut and core work, then I used a rope leash to make a "jump" in the living room and did some basic lift-over-a-jump-from-a-standstill exercises (like basic Linda M jumpwork, basically). Good exercise for the muscles without a lot of impact ("jump" was only maybe 18" high), enough to make them think and use some muscles a bit at least.

Tomorrow it is going to be 60F and with possible thunderstorms. Just weird, weird weather. I've started going through laundry to pack for the FL trip later this week. Should be fun, although the way my shoulder, neck, and upper back have been bugging me, I am not looking forward to hearing what Ria has to say when I see her next. Ouch!
Stupid tendonitis in my shoulder... it just wreaks havoc on my neck and upper back. Luckily I can run my dogs even when it's bothering me, but driving can hurt after a while. So can being crammed on an airplane. Sigh.

At least tomorrow if we have a gap between "snow melt" and "storm starts", I can take the dogs for a walk at Fair Hill, since they have nice gravel trails that never get muddy.

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