20 January 2012

OK. Immediate downside to the new, fancy Blogger view is that I don't get to have profile information or links or other widgets on the sidebar. I kind of liked that feature so I'll probably go back. For now, let me say Happy 4th Birthday to Drifter's first and last litter of puppies, and here's the smiling face of one of them, Dare, who lives in Austin TX and made Steeplechase Finals this past year!

Isn't she cute? It is so funny how each of the pups is a combination of both parents - in each one i can see hints of both Drifter and the mother, Singe. Dare's expression is definitely a bit of both!

Here's Drifter, supposedly saying "Happy Birthday" but really he's mega-interested in the YouTube video I was watching of someone playing with a litter of puppies and saying "puppy puppy pup pup" in a high pitched voice and making lots of kissy smoochy noises. He really liked that. I've been hunting down more sheltie pedigrees and breeder info. Knee deep in it right now, got a few possibilities. Hoping to wait till the fall, at least, so not rushing into anything.

And finally, here's Kiba's Perf Grand Prix run from last weekend where she posted the fastest time in the class. Her aframe hit is high but she is definitely in. I am still fighting for that one and she did miss 2 of them last weekend, thankfully one was in gamblers and I made her go back and do it again. I am adding a new verbal that I can say that might remind her of her job better. Her dogwalks, in contrast, have been pretty good lately.

Thanks to Greg Fontaine for the video!

(ETA: I switched back to a simpler Blogger setting and tweaked it a bit. Can't get a picture to look good in the banner so for now we're staying without one)

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