23 January 2012

It's warmer today, but not warm. And it's damp, chilly, foggy, and rainy. Just ugly weather. However the ice crust dissolved so the dogs ran in the yard - yes RAN not walked. I wanted some easy cardio exercise to get them a bit tired since they've done very little over the past 2 days.

Today I got the license plates for my new car put on, and also got 12" cut off my hair. It's still classifiable as "long" but it's no longer "ridiculously long". No, I did not take a picture. You'll have to wait for agility videos to see it. I figured out that it had actually been over 2 years since I cut it last. Yikes! Clearly I am not one of those people who does pretty nails and goes to the salon and such... fine by me. I get by without weird stares at the mall so I must look "ok" anyhow!

Today and tomorrow I must finish packing for my FL trip, because Wed I'm teaching in NJ and also filming the video bits for my eBook article, then Thursday we leave! My shoulder has been bothering me enough that I'm pretty sure I am going to seek out a good local chiro/massage/PT person when I get home, because I'm absolutely sure I will need one and even though Ria comes here once a month, she's now busy enough that I can't really eat up her time with my human problems instead of allowing someone else's dog to get worked on...

Oh, and I got Strafe's first agility pictures!

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