10 January 2012

Foam and more Travel

First, a note. Yes, I am probably addicted to technology. No, I won't be quitting Facebook or Blogger anytime soon. It really doesn't bother me that I spend 20min or so a day checking in to see what my friends and random acquaintances are doing. And it's very cool to be able to see what my friends around the country and the world are up to. 

A few days ago, I saw a sale was on at Kohl's, and because I wanted to get some memory foam mats for my x-pen and crates, I bought a memory foam mattress topper, and they were Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so I got 2 for the price of one. Then got home and proceeded to cut both of them into various pieces of perfect sizes for my crates in the car, my x-pen, and used the leftovers to top my dog beds at home. Memory foam is supposed to help relieve pressure points. All i can say is, since I put this piece on top of this dog bed and covered it in a $5 (on sale) blanket, Drifter's been spending an awful lot of time there! My dogs are so spoiled....

After today, my winter of fairly little travel is over. I have to pack tomorrow, teach classes, then Thurs morning I'm off to North Carolina to train and visit with a friend, run some USDAA, and then come home Monday night. I originally entered this trial because it is very close to my friend's house and I don't have any Q's towards USDAA Nationals 2012, but more and more I'm convinced I won't be going to Denver. I now know I am going to Belgium (not cheap, even with sponsor help), and I really want to go to Sweden for the EO (yes it's also outside but it's only 2 days, and it's in SWEDEN!) so I think when it comes to it, USDAA is the event I am willing to skip this year. 

Once I'm home from NC, I've got one weekend "home" (I'm actually teaching that Saturday in NJ), then I'm off to FL for a 10-day trip, 2 trials and actually attending a seminar in between (rare for me!), I'm hoping they will let me work Strafe. . . I am only taking Strafe and Trig, will be a fun trip! Then I get home and have a various mixed schedule of teaching/trialing until AKC Nationals, then teaching followed by attending another seminar, World Team Tryouts with Trig, WAO with Kiba, etc etc. Basically the slide back into being busy has begun. I do enjoy being a homebody while it lasts. True to my 1980's roots, I spent some time replaying the Mass Effect video game, so I can replay the 2nd one, in anticipation of the 3rd one comign out in March. I am glad I asked the SO to leave the Xbox behind and he agreed to do so. Really didn't want to have to buy a new system! 

I've also got the dogs fairly well adapted to their 2x a week swim schedule. i wish I could do it 3x a week but since it's not my pool I did what I could. Twice is enough to build muscle at least. They LOVE the swimming. Today Seri tried to bust through the gate to get into the water. Impulse control, not her strongest attribute...

Speaking of Seri, she continues to look totally fine. I am waiting another week or so before introducing any agility exercises with speed, but I did decide to enter her in ONE DAY of an AKC trial in March. I am making this my mental deadline. If i can't get her to stay sound leading up to this trial, and be relatively pain-free (and not completely misaligned) afterwards, then I am giving up on keeping her in agility. Contrary to what some may believe, I actually really do want to be able to run her. That dog is difficult, yes, and maybe a little crazy, yes, but she freaking LOVES to run agility and it'll be a complete shame if she can't do it.

Seri back in January 2010 before the first injury.

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