31 January 2012


Having a good time down in FL. We arrived in the late afternoon on Friday to New Smyrna Beach area, and ran in an AKC trial on Saturday/Sunday. Trig picked up another QQ and a Standard Q on Sunday towards Tryouts. She just needs a few more individual Q's and she'll be all done. Strafe got an Open JWW and an Open Std leg, his first weekend running at "full height" of 26". Then on Monday we went to a seminar and had a great time running some tough courses. I ran Strafe on the majority of them even though they are more than he's really done, and he did great. Even got one right the first time through, which wasn't easy! He did scare us briefly by launching over the aframe with so much speed that he landed right on the ground, on his face, instead of hitting the downramp. He seems fine though. If there is a massage or chiro person at the trial this weekend I'll have him checked but he stretches out pretty well. Today is a day off for us, and then tomorrow we drive up to Jacksonville for 3 days of a 4-day trial before heading back home on Saturday night and Sunday. This morning we took the dogs to a dog park along the beach, called Davis Island Dog Park. here are some pictures from the fun we had.

Triton and Strafe are best friends and it is pretty cute how they go everywhere together.

Strafe playing with a new friend at the beach. 

Trig, Strafe, Triton


Tori Self said...

Cool! See you this weekend.

Rosanne said...

Yay I won't be the only 26"!