22 December 2011

With my SO's stuff being moved out, I have extra shelf space. I made a mini-trophy case out of the trophies and medals I had handy. Most of them are still packed away from the move last winter.

Today my dogs got to be evaluated at the indoor, heated swimming pool that's only 20min away. They will be going twice a week all winter long to help keep them in shape even when the ground is frozen! Very happy about that, it's great exercise for them.

I also got a 3rd crate into my new car. It fit pretty well, and is supported nicely too. I used a board to keep it level on the slightly slanted seat. So my little Hyundai now has two 20"x30" crates and one 19"x30". I also bought this cargo box to use on top for when I travel with 3 dogs and don't have a lot of room, or travel with another person.

So not too bad, I can fit 3 dogs in crates and all their trial gear into a compact car. I am so happy about it! I hated have extra space in the van. I liked how it drove and it was a reliable vehicle, but I didn't like the upright seating position and I felt like I was being wasteful having such a large vehicle. Now I feel more European;)

If i needed to, i could also just take all the crates out and shove a ton of dogs in it. Or put 2 dogs on the backseat with seatbelts on and use the cargo area for gear instead. Or put 2 seatbelt dogs on the seat and one crate in the back. There's a lot of variations possible. For now I'm leaving all the crates in, as I often work out of the car at shows and this is the easiest way to do that.

My car is like the Tardis, bigger on the inside:

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K-Koira said...

Impressive organization. I need to find someone to trade crates with- I have two large metal crates (actually three, but one lives in the house), but they are too big to set up in the car, and are needlessly large for my dogs (I can easily crate both dogs together in these things).