16 December 2011

What we did today

This morning I got some anti-fatique matting and cut it to fit under the therapeutic beds in the dogs' new car crates. I also got a black sheet and folded it over top of the crates like a crate cover, to block people from staring in and to block part of the dogs' view out as well. I left the front side facing the vents/windshield totally open.

Then we loaded up in the car and went to Fair Hill for a walk. I walked around a loop trail that I know isn't horribly long. It was chilly and windy today. We walked through a really pretty tree branch "tunnel" that I enjoy because it looks very fantastical...

While I was out walking, Tracy posted the entire WAO Team on Facebook (see my previous post for the entire list). Wow, what a huge team full of great talent! That's a lot of dogs/handlers. We're gonna take the WAO by storm, looks like!

Anyway, then we got back to the car and I snapped a pic of Kiba looking sad and distracted in front of my new wheels. I'm kind of liking the "carbon grey" sort of color on the wheels. Sporty!

Tomorrow I prepare for my short day-and-a-half of teaching in NY. In a nice heated facility, on nice clean mats! Relaxing! Will also be my first trip in the brand new car. I have AM/FM/CD as usual, and I also now have XM and an iPod connector that allows me to control the iPod through the radio display! Love it, very cool, high-tech and modern!

I haven't used my iPod in several years, so I'm sort of enjoying going back through and listening to albums I haven't heard in quite a while. Yes, including System of a Down, although I think Metro is off a soundtrack to something...

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