15 December 2011


Well we spent several hours at the dealer today and came home in my new car! I hope to keep it for at least 5 years, and Hyundai has that nice "Assurance" thing where they guarantee trade-in value which is great, so i know it'll be worth *something* when I'm done with it. They gave me a great trade-in value on my other car so overall I'm happy with the deal. Affordable, has all the options I wanted, and nice low monthly payments.

it's raining, so here it is parked in the garage.

it just *barely* fits the two 20"x30" crates I bought for it. Good size for the BC's, not for long trials where I'll set up an x-pen for them, but for regular half-day AKC trials and driving they'll be fine as they usually curl up and these crates are totally fine for the size of my dogs (not enormous).

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