06 December 2011

Trips Finished and Trips in Planning

Well I'm home from my last "far away" seminar for 2011. Actually my last "far away" seminar for quite a while, I have others planned for the next few months, but all are within a few hours driving distance of my house, which makes life a lot easier. Coming home from far out west really takes a whole friggin' day..

i had fun in Portland. it was cold. like frosty cold. And it was foggy. i saw the sun briefly;) But it was Ok because all the people who came to the seminar were really nice, and their dogs were good too. I hope to return in the summer when it isn't frosty cold fog weather.

On the agenda for this week.. . Ria is coming to work on dogs today and tomorrow. I teach classes tomorrow afternoon/evening. Thursday is going to be catch-up day for laundry and various other errands. Then Friday is STRAFE'S FIRST TRIAL! WOOHOO!
Also on the agenda but for the more ambiguous timeframe of "soon" is planning my trip to Reno for AKC Nationals at the end of March. I am still deciding what to do with Kiba. I am taking her and my mother's Trig, who will be flying in cargo. I'm still deciding whether Kiba will be Ok with that, or if i need to work out a way to get her in the cabin with me. My strong original feelings for her have been that she is so bad in the car that she might come out of the plane a total wreck (or dead!) but the more I think on it, the more I am leaning towards going that direction. it's not illegal (always a bonus), and the things that make Kiba really nervous are the windows/movement of the car, and I don't really think that the mostly-dark cargo hold of the plane will have the same effect on her.

So here's my request. I know a lot of people read this blog, but very few people comment. But if you have a dog who is nervous in the car - panting, spinning, bracing in the corner, something like that - please comment if you have flown your dog in cargo. Did the dog come out of cargo OK? Dehydrated? Sore? Anxious? Relaxed?

Help me decide how to get this dog to Reno so she can kick some butt!


Barbara said...

Emma get's 1/2 a tab of Acepromazine. I would have to look at the bottle to see how big the pills are, but I have experimented and 1/4 a tab is too little. (Based upon the info from this site: http://www.vetinfo.com/dogace.html#b, I would say I am giving her 15 mg)

I give it to her about 1-2 hours before we go to the airport and the main effects last for about 4-6 hours. She's pretty happy to see me when she gets out.

She's still kinda groggy until the next morning.


Creekside Border Collies said...

Blaze was a very nervous traveler in the car - bugged eyes, panting drooling frozen in one position the whole ride, wouldn't get our at rest areas....He flew a couple of times from East to West coast and arrived to compete at AAC Nationals just fine. Well, after we got off the shiny airport floors that is :) I'm sure the dark hold and their comfy crate with no view helps. I gave him nothing but rescue remedy. There are lots of vets that say Ace doesn't take the fear away, just makes the dog so that he can't react to it. Plus, like alcohol, they say it can have different affects at altitude. I know first hand about the alcohol thing :/


K-Koira said...

My dog is terrified of large trucks, buses, garbage trucks, and driving under over passes. I have not flown with her, and I never will. I just think it would be way too much stress on her. At least in the car, if she is getting too worked up, we can stop and take a break, or I can talk to her and reassure her.

If I ever did fly her, I would definitely NOT be putting her on drugs such as Ace.

Cedarfield said...

Devon can fly in the plane with me in a carrier so I do that but he doesn't enjoy it. Not sure it would be much different for him in a crate since it seems to be the noise and the bumping underneath him that bothers him. He also shakes and pants when he rides in the car so I always cover his crate and that does seem to help because I can't hear him panting anymore and he's staying in one place. I doubt he ever actually falls asleep though.
I have also heard that Alprazolam works better at reducing anxiety than Ace but it didn't seem to help Devon.
Once off the plane or out of the car and he's fine, no lasting effects from the anxiety, apparently.