26 December 2011


I love this picture, even though it's not new, shamelessly stolen from Jane's Facebook page. It is a picture of Strafe's family in Denmark, 4 generations all lined up in a row. From L to R:  Zoya at 9 months (Strafe's litter-sister), Jiggy (Strafe's mother), Simic (grandmother), and Froken (great-grandmother). 

No mushy holiday posts from me. That's a guarantee. None. Ever. We watched a movie yesterday. OK so it was kind of a mushy movie - War Horse - but that's the extent of mushiness from me on holidays. Today I took some dogs for a walk at Fair Hill, then this afternoon we did some garage/barn (all one building) cleaning out and took down the canvas from our shade tent in the agility ring. Then I worked some agility since our footing is still OK out there for a little while longer - unless it freezes really hard again soon. I ran Kiba at 22" and she only hit one bar, then I ran Strafe on the same courses (sort of "AKC Excellent" level, hard enough for the dogs to pay attention but not so tough that we were drilling new skills or working our butts off or anything, just a review session). I put Strafe at 26" for the first time in course work. He's done little bits at 24/26" before but this time I ran the whole courses like he'd done it before, and he pretty much did the same, didn't even touch a bar, just floated over everything. I also worked Trig who is running well for me.

Seri's weird little tail kink seems much improved after a week of rest post-chiropractic adjustment. I've been allowing her to walk free in the field now and she'll start swimming again tomorrow.

Drifter's officially in "semi-retirement" and I'm pretty sure we'll finish his MACH2 and then that will be it for him. He's not even entered in anything right now as I'm focusing so hard on Strafe, Trig, and Kiba right now.

Kiba.... over the past few weeks i've seen a slight increase in her water consumption and frequency of urination. Last week I ran a basic blood test and urinalysis, which found nothing aside from a very slightly low white blood cell count. I also had them draw urine to do a culture, so I'm awaiting the results of that which should be in today or tomorrow. She seems 100% fine aside from the increase in drinking/peeing. I've switched her back to 100% raw as of last Wednesday and she's also on amoxicillin proactively but I still see her drinking quite a bit. Remaining theory is just that maybe the heat vents in the house make her thirsty?? Or....? I'm open to ideas. I had them run Lepto titers on her blood but I don't expect that to be positive. Now I'm thinking either some sort of low-level infection, or it's just a new behavioral quirk (she IS quirky!) or the only thing left that I can think of is diabetes but I think the glucose levels should have been noticeably off in her blood test last week.

Who knows. Weird little dog. She is running fabulously even at 22" in training now, so I think she feels great!

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