18 December 2011


First the non-sigh part of the post - I had a great time teaching in White Plains, NY again at PCOTC. Love being in a heated, clean (matted, not dirt) facility with a nice group of people. And it's only a 3 hour drive each way, so i'm home at a reasonable time and I get to bring dogs with me.

Now the "sigh" part of the post. A couple days ago I noticed Seri sometimes holding her tail off to the right, for no obvious reason. She would also curl her rear end slightly to the right as well. It was strange. But on initial examination, nothing obviously wrong with her. She stretches out OK, I pulled her tail, no reaction, I checked for hot spots or knots in her quads, hamstrings, etc. Nothing. Her right hock does click a lot now when flexed and released, which it shouldn't be doing, but that alone doesn't explain the weird tail kink behavior. I brought her with me and since she looked OK most of the time I did a demo or 2 with her at the seminar and ran a couple quick courses with her. She seemed a little stiff at night after doing demos on Sat which is not unusual (not good either but not new), but when I got home today I think I found the problem - I'm pretty sure her pelvis is out. And it seems to have flared forward on the right, which might explain the slight curling to the right. I am also getting a twitching pain reaction under her shoulder too. So, heaving a big sigh once again as I am putting her on indefinite layup from trialing. I just don't want to risk her making herself worse; as crazy as she is at home, she is two or three times more reckless and wild at a trial. And I would like her to be comfortably sound into old age. If that means no agility competitions, then so be it. She MIGHT be able to compete if I paid for expensive surgery to tighten up her shoulder, but I do not want to put her (and my wallet) through all that when she can be sound enough to live a good life without it.

Oh Seri!

On a brighter note, I ran Strafe on a couple sequences at 24" and he did great... he wasn't sure what to think about the see-saw being right next to a big mirror though! He did it, but he was quite tentative, not driving out to the end properly. No big deal.

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