20 December 2011

Seri update, again

I ran some bloodwork and urinalysis on Kiba because I've seen an increase in her drinking/urinating in the last few weeks. Not enough to think stones or UTI, but definitely noticeable. So while I was in I had them check Seri. Anal glands TOTALLY fine, not impacted at all, very healthy.

So yesterday after having the pelvis/sacrum/back/neck adjusted she did seem more happy-go-lucky this morning. I still see the weird right sided twist/bend here and there though. I'm keeping her on semi-rest until it resolves, in case it is a strange muscle pull of some sort. She goes out in the yard unsupervised and she goes on walks in our field BUT on leash so she is restricted to walk/trot. Otherwise, she is her usual happy self. I had a good conversation with someone who had a dog with adult-discovered OCD lesions in the shoulder, and it was interesting and useful. It seems her dog didn't often SEEM to be in pain but definitely was, because now that she's been fixed surgically, she is very different - faster, happier, less tentative in many ways. Seri is fast/happy but when she's sore she is quieter. But it's the on again/off again shoulder tightness and soreness that make me wonder about her shoulder maybe having a lesion or bone chip. Late next week I'm getting some x-rays at my vet, I will do shoulder/elbow and mid to lower back regions, just in case there is a back issue like spondylosis or something that we may have missed. She does have an aunt with that issue...

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