14 December 2011

Nondog, even though the first picture has a dog.

So I wanted to wait a bit to let it sink in. My "SO" has left, citing my crazy travel schedule and other things, and so I am single again. That's OK, as dogs eat up all my time and generally my thoughts anyway. He was and still is, a really nice guy, but I am just not a super-emotional person (sometimes I actually think I may be a very high-functioning Asperger's type). Looking on the bright side, that does mean i get a new car, very soon, since he owned the van I was driving, and I owned the commuter car he was driving. Luckily the commuter car is worth about $5,000 on trade so I can get a new wagon and still keep my payments pretty darned low, which is what I want with my variable income. I am really liking the downsizing idea, I can get something that is easy and fun to drive, more efficient than the van (although my '05 Odyssey was getting 25mpg average on the highway which is not bad), and more comfortable for my (very bad) rotator cuff tendonitis, which always seems aggravated by driving a more upright vehicle. So looks like I'll be getting one of these. I measured the cargo area, and it's pretty big between the wheel wells so i can actually fit 2 crates across and then if I travel with a 3rd dog I can either squeeze a smaller Kiba-sized crate in the middle, or the 3rd dog can ride loose with a seatbelt.
2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring

Today, though, I am teaching class and still have the Civic sedan, so I'll just be taking 2 dogs that can ride on the backseat loose (anybody but Kiba can do so).

ETA: forgot to mention, on Monday Tracy teased us by posting that a Team Announcement for WAO was "coming soon" so "stay tuned".
2nd EDIT: apparently it was mean of me to say it was mean to tease. So OK, it was misleading posting it Monday, since apparently the plan is to announce it "by the end of the week". So I can stop obsessively checking Facebook now. Maybe.
 I'd really like to make it with Kiba, but I have no real high expectations since she doesn't jump 22" which seems to be the expected Tryout height. But if she's not on the team I'd like to know so I can enter her next trials at 16" instead of 20". She can DO 20", but she needs extra conditioning and jump work for it.

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Barbara said...

Wow, sorry about the SO bit. It's hard sometimes.