27 December 2011

Kiba D Update

Well I'm glad I let my dogs swim a little bit of extra time today, since it was pouring rain and windy all afternoon. As shown by this photo, they were perfectly happy to have the rest of the day off. Gosh, she's tiny when she curls up! She was only 26.9 lbs at the last vet visit - which is the other reason I posted again today. Urine culture results came back with zero bacterial cultures. So basically, she's perfectly healthy. I don't think it was the kibble since after a week of 100% raw I still see the drinking/peeing elevated. Current theory is that it's the dry air from the heat in the house. At our old place we had electric heat - which meant radiant heat from the electric-powered coils along the wall. Here we have oil heat which blows hot air out of the ventilation systems, so the air is probably warmer and more dry than Kiba's ever dealt with before, and it's possible she's trying to adapt by drinking more. I'm going to try buying a small inexpensive humidifier and running it in the living room for a while to see if that helps. She certainly is acting perfectly normal (for her).

I booked my flight to Reno and Belgium over the last week or so. Money spent, but trips to look forward to!

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