29 December 2011

A Comparison

Here is Seri's shoulder x-ray:

Compared to a normal shoulder x-ray (not Seri). Please note this is the opposite shoulder, and a slightly different angle/view, however you can clearly see the difference in the shape of the scapula.

In the top (Seri's) photo, you can see how the scapula appears to be missing the ends. It doesn't appear to be an arthritic type of change, it just seems to have been put together poorly. Since the shoulder joint is already very reliant on muscle to keep it together, this just means that Seri's shoulder is even more sensitive to muscular soreness and instability than a normal dog.

Seri update 29 Dec 2011

Today Seri went in for some x-rays. Happily, the weird tail and lower back kink to the right has almost totally resolved, and I think it was probably just due to her pelvis/sacrum being "out" for a bit, because that particular oddball symptom seemed to resolve within a few days of her adjustment. But just to be sure, I went ahead and had him x-ray her spine to check for spondylosis.. .

Well, that is a lovely spine! No spondylosis, no disk issues, nothing. Everything nicely spaced and well shaped. Hurray!

Just for curiosity's sake, we took a shot of her wrists:

I know this is not the source of most of her problems, but her wrists have definitely been one of her issues. Here we can see there are no obvious bony changes going on, no arthritis. Some fibrosis perhaps, and on the zoomed in x-ray (they're fully digital) the doc thought he saw some very small changes beginning on one of the small bones in the middle. But overall, not bad. (also, her elbows are very pretty!)

And the shoulder. I had him specifically check for OCD which meant looking for lesions and/or chips of any kind. To get a good shoulder x-ray, poor Seri had to be knocked out a bit, so she got a light dose of a reversible anaesthetic. This guy allows me to be very hands-on with my dogs, so I got the weird experience of holding her while he injected it, then helping her to lie down when it kicked in, and helping pick her up to put her on and off the x-ray table. Poor limp little Seri!

Anyway, here's the shoulder:

There are no visible lesions or chips, which is fabulous. However, the scapula (the upper, flatter bone) is not well-shaped where it meets with the other bone. The upward/inward curve should continue farther down on the right (as you're looking at it). It's almost like a shallow hip socket - it doesn't "cover" the head of the other bone very well, and so that is probably what is leading to the instability in that shoulder. It is entirely left up to her muscles to do the job, and so when she's totally fit and doing well, she is sound, but she is so reckless with her body doing agility, that she can easily mess herself up again.

For now I'm just sticking with a "no agility" routine. She is now swimming twice a week with my other dogs and I've got her back to a normal conditioning schedule with core work and walks, etc. I will discuss the x-ray with my PT and we will make a decision about Seri's ability to stay sound in agility. I don't think staying sound for "life" will be too difficult, at least.

And I have some answers, which is nice. Interestingly, they pretty much confirm everything I already know!

27 December 2011

Kiba D Update

Well I'm glad I let my dogs swim a little bit of extra time today, since it was pouring rain and windy all afternoon. As shown by this photo, they were perfectly happy to have the rest of the day off. Gosh, she's tiny when she curls up! She was only 26.9 lbs at the last vet visit - which is the other reason I posted again today. Urine culture results came back with zero bacterial cultures. So basically, she's perfectly healthy. I don't think it was the kibble since after a week of 100% raw I still see the drinking/peeing elevated. Current theory is that it's the dry air from the heat in the house. At our old place we had electric heat - which meant radiant heat from the electric-powered coils along the wall. Here we have oil heat which blows hot air out of the ventilation systems, so the air is probably warmer and more dry than Kiba's ever dealt with before, and it's possible she's trying to adapt by drinking more. I'm going to try buying a small inexpensive humidifier and running it in the living room for a while to see if that helps. She certainly is acting perfectly normal (for her).

I booked my flight to Reno and Belgium over the last week or so. Money spent, but trips to look forward to!

Strange Brain

I've known for a long time that I have a strange brain. I can obsess about certain subjects for weeks on end, while at the same time completely and unintentionally forgetting to perform some other task. I am introverted, bright, but not emotional.

Here is a good description of my personality type according to a very exhaustive type of testing. This is not a predictive test; it is a descriptive test. It describes people with a certain collection of social and thinking traits, according to the Myers-Brigg profiles. I am sure I have mentioned it before on here, but IF you happen to be interested in delving into my type of psyche for any strange stalker-related reason, or maybe you just like psychology (as I do), here is my personality type: INTJ, and here is another description as well.
And if you're interested in hearing what INTJ's have to say about dealing with INTJ's, read this;)

And as non-politically correct as it is to suggest that certain people have differing levels of intelligence, I happen to know I am also "gifted". This means not only high intellect, but also yet another layer of what I call "strange brain" is associated with it. Once again, emotional interpretation can be difficult, along with the obsessiveness and difficulty dealing with things we interpret as unjust or wrong. I couldn't find a good description off-hand that fits my weirdness, probably because I often feel that I may have a touch of this as well: Asperger's. And I am not at all certain on that one, but the whole "feeling like an outsider pretending to have the same emotions that others do" is definitely how I feel sometimes. Especially when dealing with certain emotions. I often find that I use humor as a refuge and a way to connect, and when that is out of the question, my brain sort of slides sideways and I have to pretend to go along. I am also extremely bothered by certain sounds and textures, and can be easily distracted and sometimes even repulsed by such. The obsessive bits and lack of social cue bullets definitely fit my strange brain issues, however I don't think I was ever uncoordinated physically. And obviously, if I do have a touch of it, I am very high functioning and I would never imply otherwise. I "get by" in the real world without counseling, but the older I get, the more I am able to recognize and admit to myself that no, I really don't feel the same way that "normal" people do. And I'm OK with that.

Anyway, this has been a public service announcement in reaction to another misunderstanding triggered by my bluntness and lack of social ability. Luckily a very minor infraction this time! But still. Sometimes my Vulcan tendencies (but, the LOGIC!) overcome my human ones! So, if you're bored, feel free to read some of the INTJ stuff and learn more about me. . .

And just so this post has a picture, here's Kiba, who has a strange brain too, but in other ways:

PS - please don't think all of this is in order to say that I can't deal with people on a regular basis, or am incapable of it, just to say that I am weird. I know it. But I enjoy teaching, as do many introverts and probably plenty of people with "strange brains" as well ;)

26 December 2011


I love this picture, even though it's not new, shamelessly stolen from Jane's Facebook page. It is a picture of Strafe's family in Denmark, 4 generations all lined up in a row. From L to R:  Zoya at 9 months (Strafe's litter-sister), Jiggy (Strafe's mother), Simic (grandmother), and Froken (great-grandmother). 

No mushy holiday posts from me. That's a guarantee. None. Ever. We watched a movie yesterday. OK so it was kind of a mushy movie - War Horse - but that's the extent of mushiness from me on holidays. Today I took some dogs for a walk at Fair Hill, then this afternoon we did some garage/barn (all one building) cleaning out and took down the canvas from our shade tent in the agility ring. Then I worked some agility since our footing is still OK out there for a little while longer - unless it freezes really hard again soon. I ran Kiba at 22" and she only hit one bar, then I ran Strafe on the same courses (sort of "AKC Excellent" level, hard enough for the dogs to pay attention but not so tough that we were drilling new skills or working our butts off or anything, just a review session). I put Strafe at 26" for the first time in course work. He's done little bits at 24/26" before but this time I ran the whole courses like he'd done it before, and he pretty much did the same, didn't even touch a bar, just floated over everything. I also worked Trig who is running well for me.

Seri's weird little tail kink seems much improved after a week of rest post-chiropractic adjustment. I've been allowing her to walk free in the field now and she'll start swimming again tomorrow.

Drifter's officially in "semi-retirement" and I'm pretty sure we'll finish his MACH2 and then that will be it for him. He's not even entered in anything right now as I'm focusing so hard on Strafe, Trig, and Kiba right now.

Kiba.... over the past few weeks i've seen a slight increase in her water consumption and frequency of urination. Last week I ran a basic blood test and urinalysis, which found nothing aside from a very slightly low white blood cell count. I also had them draw urine to do a culture, so I'm awaiting the results of that which should be in today or tomorrow. She seems 100% fine aside from the increase in drinking/peeing. I've switched her back to 100% raw as of last Wednesday and she's also on amoxicillin proactively but I still see her drinking quite a bit. Remaining theory is just that maybe the heat vents in the house make her thirsty?? Or....? I'm open to ideas. I had them run Lepto titers on her blood but I don't expect that to be positive. Now I'm thinking either some sort of low-level infection, or it's just a new behavioral quirk (she IS quirky!) or the only thing left that I can think of is diabetes but I think the glucose levels should have been noticeably off in her blood test last week.

Who knows. Weird little dog. She is running fabulously even at 22" in training now, so I think she feels great!

22 December 2011

With my SO's stuff being moved out, I have extra shelf space. I made a mini-trophy case out of the trophies and medals I had handy. Most of them are still packed away from the move last winter.

Today my dogs got to be evaluated at the indoor, heated swimming pool that's only 20min away. They will be going twice a week all winter long to help keep them in shape even when the ground is frozen! Very happy about that, it's great exercise for them.

I also got a 3rd crate into my new car. It fit pretty well, and is supported nicely too. I used a board to keep it level on the slightly slanted seat. So my little Hyundai now has two 20"x30" crates and one 19"x30". I also bought this cargo box to use on top for when I travel with 3 dogs and don't have a lot of room, or travel with another person.

So not too bad, I can fit 3 dogs in crates and all their trial gear into a compact car. I am so happy about it! I hated have extra space in the van. I liked how it drove and it was a reliable vehicle, but I didn't like the upright seating position and I felt like I was being wasteful having such a large vehicle. Now I feel more European;)

If i needed to, i could also just take all the crates out and shove a ton of dogs in it. Or put 2 dogs on the backseat with seatbelts on and use the cargo area for gear instead. Or put 2 seatbelt dogs on the seat and one crate in the back. There's a lot of variations possible. For now I'm leaving all the crates in, as I often work out of the car at shows and this is the easiest way to do that.

My car is like the Tardis, bigger on the inside:

20 December 2011

Seri update, again

I ran some bloodwork and urinalysis on Kiba because I've seen an increase in her drinking/urinating in the last few weeks. Not enough to think stones or UTI, but definitely noticeable. So while I was in I had them check Seri. Anal glands TOTALLY fine, not impacted at all, very healthy.

So yesterday after having the pelvis/sacrum/back/neck adjusted she did seem more happy-go-lucky this morning. I still see the weird right sided twist/bend here and there though. I'm keeping her on semi-rest until it resolves, in case it is a strange muscle pull of some sort. She goes out in the yard unsupervised and she goes on walks in our field BUT on leash so she is restricted to walk/trot. Otherwise, she is her usual happy self. I had a good conversation with someone who had a dog with adult-discovered OCD lesions in the shoulder, and it was interesting and useful. It seems her dog didn't often SEEM to be in pain but definitely was, because now that she's been fixed surgically, she is very different - faster, happier, less tentative in many ways. Seri is fast/happy but when she's sore she is quieter. But it's the on again/off again shoulder tightness and soreness that make me wonder about her shoulder maybe having a lesion or bone chip. Late next week I'm getting some x-rays at my vet, I will do shoulder/elbow and mid to lower back regions, just in case there is a back issue like spondylosis or something that we may have missed. She does have an aunt with that issue...

19 December 2011

Seri update

Took her down to a good chiro who happened to have a same-day opening today. As I suspected, her pelvis was out. Also, her sacrum, entire lower back and TL region, right side of her neck, her hock clicks and pops, and as usual her left scapula was "tight". She worked on her back a bit and she loosened up enough that she was mostly standing straight. She still wants to curl to the right with her tail and butt/extreme lower back area though, which is a brand new and STRANGE behavior. I am keeping on "loose in the yard to potty + leash walks" only right now until we figure out this weird kink. She does look much better with her pelvis straightened out and her back loosened up, but she's still doing it. The chiro did tell me she's seen dogs do weird stuff similar to this because of an anal gland impaction, so I'm taking her in tomorrow morning to get that checked.

Next step will be a set of x-rays at my regular vet who sort of specializes in ortho stuff. He's not VOSM level specialist but he is competent to take shoulder/back/pelvic area x-rays I think. We can at least make sure there are no bone chips anywhere or major arthritic changes. If she clears those, then she sees Ria next week, and assuming she's doing as well as she was before this set-back we have a new plan in place involving the agility and rehab. We are going to try actually increasing the frequency of her agility sessions, but keeping them short. Trying it on the theory that perhaps she needs to build up specific agility-related muscles that can't be done by regular rehab and strengthening exercises. Anyway, we'll give it a shot for a while, once we've looked at x-rays and had a clear check from Ria again anyway.

If Seri CAN be brought back to the point of being to show in agility once every month or so, I would be thrilled, as she is so fast she's competitive even with wide corners. If Seri CANNOT be brought back into agility competitions, then so be it. She is who she is and I won't force it. I am certainly going to try though. As difficult as she is, she LOVES the sport (too much, sometimes) and I enjoy running her, even if she can be frustrating at times...

So yet another setback. I am finding it is useless to make concrete goals with Seri, it is better to just go at her pace.

18 December 2011


First the non-sigh part of the post - I had a great time teaching in White Plains, NY again at PCOTC. Love being in a heated, clean (matted, not dirt) facility with a nice group of people. And it's only a 3 hour drive each way, so i'm home at a reasonable time and I get to bring dogs with me.

Now the "sigh" part of the post. A couple days ago I noticed Seri sometimes holding her tail off to the right, for no obvious reason. She would also curl her rear end slightly to the right as well. It was strange. But on initial examination, nothing obviously wrong with her. She stretches out OK, I pulled her tail, no reaction, I checked for hot spots or knots in her quads, hamstrings, etc. Nothing. Her right hock does click a lot now when flexed and released, which it shouldn't be doing, but that alone doesn't explain the weird tail kink behavior. I brought her with me and since she looked OK most of the time I did a demo or 2 with her at the seminar and ran a couple quick courses with her. She seemed a little stiff at night after doing demos on Sat which is not unusual (not good either but not new), but when I got home today I think I found the problem - I'm pretty sure her pelvis is out. And it seems to have flared forward on the right, which might explain the slight curling to the right. I am also getting a twitching pain reaction under her shoulder too. So, heaving a big sigh once again as I am putting her on indefinite layup from trialing. I just don't want to risk her making herself worse; as crazy as she is at home, she is two or three times more reckless and wild at a trial. And I would like her to be comfortably sound into old age. If that means no agility competitions, then so be it. She MIGHT be able to compete if I paid for expensive surgery to tighten up her shoulder, but I do not want to put her (and my wallet) through all that when she can be sound enough to live a good life without it.

Oh Seri!

On a brighter note, I ran Strafe on a couple sequences at 24" and he did great... he wasn't sure what to think about the see-saw being right next to a big mirror though! He did it, but he was quite tentative, not driving out to the end properly. No big deal.

17 December 2011


First, Linda has published another article about ETS. This time she details her personal research into how the problem runs in "lines" of dogs. Most of us who can "see" dogs with the problem will agree - whatever causes it is definitely heritable. Article here!

And speaking of jumping, if you like to watch long videos of my dogs working on jumping exercises for skills and fitness, here you go!

16 December 2011

What we did today

This morning I got some anti-fatique matting and cut it to fit under the therapeutic beds in the dogs' new car crates. I also got a black sheet and folded it over top of the crates like a crate cover, to block people from staring in and to block part of the dogs' view out as well. I left the front side facing the vents/windshield totally open.

Then we loaded up in the car and went to Fair Hill for a walk. I walked around a loop trail that I know isn't horribly long. It was chilly and windy today. We walked through a really pretty tree branch "tunnel" that I enjoy because it looks very fantastical...

While I was out walking, Tracy posted the entire WAO Team on Facebook (see my previous post for the entire list). Wow, what a huge team full of great talent! That's a lot of dogs/handlers. We're gonna take the WAO by storm, looks like!

Anyway, then we got back to the car and I snapped a pic of Kiba looking sad and distracted in front of my new wheels. I'm kind of liking the "carbon grey" sort of color on the wheels. Sporty!

Tomorrow I prepare for my short day-and-a-half of teaching in NY. In a nice heated facility, on nice clean mats! Relaxing! Will also be my first trip in the brand new car. I have AM/FM/CD as usual, and I also now have XM and an iPod connector that allows me to control the iPod through the radio display! Love it, very cool, high-tech and modern!

I haven't used my iPod in several years, so I'm sort of enjoying going back through and listening to albums I haven't heard in quite a while. Yes, including System of a Down, although I think Metro is off a soundtrack to something...

2012 World Agility Open Team USA

I actually found out yesterday but was under a "no public announcement" order. Kiba made the team!!!

2012 WAO Team USA:
The Team:
300 division:
Sandra Rogers and Quill
Ivette White and Zip
Monique Plinque and Tiki
Daneen Fox and Masher
Mike Padgett and Kona

400 division:
Anne Kajava and Manja
Karen Holik and Sizzle
Jenn Crank and Blaster
Nancy Kleinhans and Jimmy Dean
Jenn Crank and Salsa

525 Division
Moe Strenfel and Kindle
Dudley Fontaine and Sweet
Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy
Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble
Rosanne Demascio and Kiba

650 Division
Lori Michaels and Solei
Linda Mecklenburg and Wonder
Daisy Peel and Solar
Terry Smorch and Presto
Dudley Fontaine and Maverick
Stacy Goudy and Maze

The Reserves:
525 Division
1st Reserve: Elicia Calhoun and BreeSea
2nd Reserve: Vanessa Mortarino and Habit
Addtl Reserves: Strenfel/Kyna for Kindle, Barry/E-Z for Maizy

650 Division
1st Reserve: Mary Dougherty with Trek
2nd Reserve: Ann Zarr with Skylar

The Development Team:
400 Division
Delaney Ratner and Jonesy

525 Division
Susan Crank and Seeker
Kerry Stevens and Mesa

650 Division
Blake Stafford and Beamer
Jennifer Crank and Sonic
Kelly Chaffin and Pete
Delaney Ratner and Kelso

15 December 2011


Well we spent several hours at the dealer today and came home in my new car! I hope to keep it for at least 5 years, and Hyundai has that nice "Assurance" thing where they guarantee trade-in value which is great, so i know it'll be worth *something* when I'm done with it. They gave me a great trade-in value on my other car so overall I'm happy with the deal. Affordable, has all the options I wanted, and nice low monthly payments.

it's raining, so here it is parked in the garage.

it just *barely* fits the two 20"x30" crates I bought for it. Good size for the BC's, not for long trials where I'll set up an x-pen for them, but for regular half-day AKC trials and driving they'll be fine as they usually curl up and these crates are totally fine for the size of my dogs (not enormous).

14 December 2011

ok seriously?

i am at our indoor for class today and for some reason my droid wont allow me to edit my last post. Perhaps its my aspergerlike insensitivity, but i dont understand why my comments in the last post upset people. This is my blog. I record my thoughts here. And my thoughts are that it felt kind of like teasing us to post "coming soon" on a Monday and not say when the announcement would be. I do realize its not intentional teasing or being mean. I am downright shocked that people actually emailed Tracy and complained about what i said. I think thats silly. Am i not allowed to care about making a team i applied for??? clearly i am not a part of the emotional society that reads so deeply into such statements. basically, chill out people!!!

ETA: I edited the last post. So it doesn't say anyone was "mean". i had no idea how touchy people are. I am a blunt person, so uh, sorry I'm me! I realize a lot of people read this, but it is still, and will continue to be, a JOURNAL. Please keep that in mind.

Nondog, even though the first picture has a dog.

So I wanted to wait a bit to let it sink in. My "SO" has left, citing my crazy travel schedule and other things, and so I am single again. That's OK, as dogs eat up all my time and generally my thoughts anyway. He was and still is, a really nice guy, but I am just not a super-emotional person (sometimes I actually think I may be a very high-functioning Asperger's type). Looking on the bright side, that does mean i get a new car, very soon, since he owned the van I was driving, and I owned the commuter car he was driving. Luckily the commuter car is worth about $5,000 on trade so I can get a new wagon and still keep my payments pretty darned low, which is what I want with my variable income. I am really liking the downsizing idea, I can get something that is easy and fun to drive, more efficient than the van (although my '05 Odyssey was getting 25mpg average on the highway which is not bad), and more comfortable for my (very bad) rotator cuff tendonitis, which always seems aggravated by driving a more upright vehicle. So looks like I'll be getting one of these. I measured the cargo area, and it's pretty big between the wheel wells so i can actually fit 2 crates across and then if I travel with a 3rd dog I can either squeeze a smaller Kiba-sized crate in the middle, or the 3rd dog can ride loose with a seatbelt.
2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring

Today, though, I am teaching class and still have the Civic sedan, so I'll just be taking 2 dogs that can ride on the backseat loose (anybody but Kiba can do so).

ETA: forgot to mention, on Monday Tracy teased us by posting that a Team Announcement for WAO was "coming soon" so "stay tuned".
2nd EDIT: apparently it was mean of me to say it was mean to tease. So OK, it was misleading posting it Monday, since apparently the plan is to announce it "by the end of the week". So I can stop obsessively checking Facebook now. Maybe.
 I'd really like to make it with Kiba, but I have no real high expectations since she doesn't jump 22" which seems to be the expected Tryout height. But if she's not on the team I'd like to know so I can enter her next trials at 16" instead of 20". She can DO 20", but she needs extra conditioning and jump work for it.

12 December 2011

Strafe's debut weekend

Yes, that's right, Strafe is already old enough to run in AKC trials. While I'm not a big fan of overworking a young dog, I felt that Strafe was educated enough to run in Novice AKC. he knows all the obstacles and understands handling basics. And he did great! He measured at 20 and 5/8" tall, and ran at 20" (a little over 50cm) jump height. I will be working slowly up to 26" (65cm) after this, but didn't want to start out that high so young. Over the course of the weekend, Strafe had the fastest time in the Time 2 Beat class but knocked the last bar. He qualified in Novice Standard 2 out of 3 days, and qualified in Novice JWW once - the other NQ's were almost all single-bar-knocked runs. On Saturday I managed to stop him to mark the knocked bar, and after that he didn't hit any more. He is VERY careful about bars at home, so I suspect the excitement was just too much for him. All the bars he hit were cases where he just ran too close to the jump before taking off, which is just a factor of him rushing to go places. The mild correction of stopping to mark the bar on Sat seemed to be all the reminder he needed to pay attention.

Drifter and Kiba each ran 2 of the 3 days of the trial, and each did OK but neither got a QQ. I messed Drifter up once by almost running myself into the table which pulled him off a jump. And Kiba won JWW one day but hit a single bar in Std the next due to severe sun glare coming in the windows by the roof... overall they just ran a bit "off" due to lack of being in tune with me and lack of strong conditioning routine the last few months.

Videos of Strafe:
Friday, all 3 runs:

Saturday and Sunday Novice Standard runs:

And Sunday's qualifying Novice JWW run where I didn't support a jump by accident:

06 December 2011

Trips Finished and Trips in Planning

Well I'm home from my last "far away" seminar for 2011. Actually my last "far away" seminar for quite a while, I have others planned for the next few months, but all are within a few hours driving distance of my house, which makes life a lot easier. Coming home from far out west really takes a whole friggin' day..

i had fun in Portland. it was cold. like frosty cold. And it was foggy. i saw the sun briefly;) But it was Ok because all the people who came to the seminar were really nice, and their dogs were good too. I hope to return in the summer when it isn't frosty cold fog weather.

On the agenda for this week.. . Ria is coming to work on dogs today and tomorrow. I teach classes tomorrow afternoon/evening. Thursday is going to be catch-up day for laundry and various other errands. Then Friday is STRAFE'S FIRST TRIAL! WOOHOO!
Also on the agenda but for the more ambiguous timeframe of "soon" is planning my trip to Reno for AKC Nationals at the end of March. I am still deciding what to do with Kiba. I am taking her and my mother's Trig, who will be flying in cargo. I'm still deciding whether Kiba will be Ok with that, or if i need to work out a way to get her in the cabin with me. My strong original feelings for her have been that she is so bad in the car that she might come out of the plane a total wreck (or dead!) but the more I think on it, the more I am leaning towards going that direction. it's not illegal (always a bonus), and the things that make Kiba really nervous are the windows/movement of the car, and I don't really think that the mostly-dark cargo hold of the plane will have the same effect on her.

So here's my request. I know a lot of people read this blog, but very few people comment. But if you have a dog who is nervous in the car - panting, spinning, bracing in the corner, something like that - please comment if you have flown your dog in cargo. Did the dog come out of cargo OK? Dehydrated? Sore? Anxious? Relaxed?

Help me decide how to get this dog to Reno so she can kick some butt!

01 December 2011

Strafe enjoying our large window

Tomorrow morning VERY early (not so bright) I am headed off to the airport. Again. I've never ridden so many airplanes in such a short amount of time. I am only teaching a normal 2 days of seminars this time, then coming home Monday. However coming all the way east across the US pretty much takes a whole day unless you can get a direct flight (not really possible from PDX to BWI). So I get back late Monday. But really the travel doesn't bother me. I have always enjoyed reading books and I don't mind being by myself for periods of time, so flight days are really just "reading days" for me. Luckily I have some good books packed and ready to go. The only thing I'm concerned about is on the way back my connection time is fairly tight in Denver so hopefully the PDX - DEN flight will be on time or maybe early...

Looking forward to being back in the PNW again, even if it's only for 2 quick days! Nice people out there, and I've done a lot of teaching since the last time I was there and I hope (and expect) that the people who come will enjoy it even more this time than last. After all, if I didn't get better over time, what would be the point?

Today is devoted to my car, getting it inspected, tires, insurance change, DMV, etc. Not really exciting, but necessary stuff.

Yesterday I ran Strafe in my Masters class for the 2nd time. He's still jumping 20" (about 50cm) but he is doing really well. After I get back from Portland on Monday night I only have a few days left till his AKC debut!