09 November 2011

Strafe again!

It hasn't quite been a year since I flew to Denmark to retrieve this little stinker, but we are officially entered in our first trial! It was a draw so I didn't know till last night, but the trial didn't fill so we got in. Hurray! I did enter him at 20" because I didn't want to be rushed getting him up to 26" - he is still so young. We've done 24/26" a few times on individual jumps or in very short sequences, but I think he will do better with another month or two of running courses beginning at 20" and slowly working our way up to 26". He continues to jump anything I put him to without any issue at all, so I'm really not concerned. i also want his first trial to feel "easy" for him so he will be confident. Our 2nd trial will be New Years weekend, and I entered that one at 24" as a step up for him. Then when we go to FL at the end of January we will probably go ahead and run 26". Makes for a nice step by step timeline.

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