17 November 2011

not as controversial...

If you wondered where all the obsessive "dogwalk training" videos of Strafe went, well, we just don't need them anymore. It seems the bit of work we did on it a couple months ago did the trick, and he's been sequencing it since then with great consistency. He's missed one here and there, but the very great majority of them have been spot on. He goes with me to seminars I teach (when I drive to them), and I get him on the equipment, and often I find that the very first dogwalk he is a bit hesitant but still hits the contact easily, and after that he gets lower and better. Yesterday he actually gave me a nice deep hit the very first time, possibly because I didn't "show it to him" first - I just made up a course and threw him at it, and he did great. Nice deep, fast, dogwalk hits. I am very pleased. I even did a turn off one to a right angle weave entry and he was great. I haven't worked a ton of turns yet because I wanted consistency first, but i don't get the feeling he's going to be tough to turn later on. He's just not a "lock onto things" sort of dog; he's always easy to turn. Only 3 more weekends before his debut!

Not being home to exercise my dogs every day has led to Drifter's continued chubbiness. It is rainy and windy today but I got them for a nice 20min walk/run this morning before breakfast. I also dug the big peanut out of the spare bedroom (from when we moved) and will work on that this afternoon. i want to make sure the older dogs don't get lazy, and I want to make sure Strafe has built up a good core as I start raising his jump heights up from 20" to 26" later in December.

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