18 November 2011

minor blackout

I'm off to CO this afternoon to teach for 3 days. I haven't been in CO since I was about 9 or 10 years old. Several of my friends love it though. I am just looking forward to a brand new group of seminar participants.

Anyway, I'm not bringing my laptop so won't be updating till I get home, and then I'll be brief due to still having other things to do - a friend is visiting, then after Thanksgiving I have a 3-day AKC trial, local to home but still taking up the majority of the day.

So, more air travel today for me. I'm flying on 2 different airlines, one out, one back, in order to get a decent nonstop flight at the right times of day/night. I'm going to try carrying on my luggage this time rather than checking it, just so I can avoid waiting at the baggage claim. I really don't mind, normally, but last time when I was returning from TX it took forever to get the bags on the carousel and on the way home, especially, I get very impatient. So hopefully the overhead bins won't be jampacked when I board so my rolling carry-on will fit... we'll see!

This will also be my first hotel stay without a dog in a long time. Relaxing but strange. I have a deep-seated compulsion to "go walk the dog" when I return to a hotel or before I go to bed. I even experienced it strongly when I was in the bed and breakfast in Denmark last year. So strange to be dogless. I've NEVER lived in a house without dogs, my entire life! Anyway, I will survive 4 quick nights in a hotel. Really more like 3 and 1/2 nights, since I'm leaving early Tues morning. The shuttle comes to pick me up in the wee hours so I can make my flight out of Denver that takes off at 7am.

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