14 November 2011

Long Island

While my mother has lived and gone to school in NY, I know little about the city area. So this weekend was my very first trip to Long Island. I discovered that it's a really neat place and it was a great group of people, but you have to cross Staten Island to get there. And any time you go onto Staten Island, you pay a toll. The toll for the bridge is $13. Yes, $13.00 to cross a bridge. And because you cross one island to get to another, you pay a toll each direction. $13.00! Now, the group paid for my mileage so it's not a big deal, I was being paid for it, I just couldn't believe it. I drive in the great Philadelphia/Wilmington and Baltimore/DC areas a lot, and I've never seen a toll over $6.00 for any bridge or tunnel, except for the 26mile long Bridge Tunnel down over the Chesapeake, but that's an enormously long monstrosity that goes on forever, not a 2-mile bridge across a river...

Verrazano bridge from above:

Lots of confusing exit ramp swirly shapes. This bridge has them!

no, that wasn't the best bit of the trip. There were nice people and good times, I do enjoy creating a good course set up that can both push people a bit and also let them be successful, and I'm getting better and better at meshing those things together. And of course it's always nice to be inside in a climate controlled building, although the weather outside was actually pretty nice all weekend.

Friday I leave for CO, should be fun too. Will be a whole new group of people, I have no idea if I know anyone who's coming or not... This group has me doing lots of short workshops, so I will have to spend Thursday reviewing and perhaps creating some new material if necessary, because tomorrow and Wed I'm back in NJ teaching private lessons. Yes, I am one busy little bee lately!

Verrazano bridge at night, pretty cool looking actually...

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